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Daniele Piu



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Daniele Piu was born in Sassari on the 5th of November 1989. In 2001 he enrolled at the Music Conservatory “Luigi Canepa” in Sassari, in the percussion instruments’ class held by Professor Ivan Mancinelli. He graduated in July 2010. During these years he has collaborated with the Sardinian WindOrchestra, the Sardinian little String Orchestra, the Opera Foundation “DeCarolis”, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Conservatory of Sassari, the Trieste Jazz Orchestra, the Saint Cecilia choir Orchestra, the CagliariConservatory Orchestra, the Sassari and Ploaghe Concert Band, the Sassari Percussion Ensemble, the Association Space Music, the Association Theatre and/or Music.

He has participated in a Jazz Festival, an ancient music ensemble, ceremonies and official inaugurations before the President of the Italian Republic. He has collaborated with artists such as: DavidShort, Nanni Moretti, Nicola Piovani, Vincenzo Mazzone, Pinuccio Sciola, Federico Malamann, Joe Perrino, Maria Luisa Congiu, Etnias, Mory Thioune, Mor Sow, Fabrizio Vella, Ivan Satta, Pilar Arejo Emanuele Sara and others.He has also participated at various masters with world famous percussionists and drummers (Peter Sadlo, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Ellade Bandini and others).He was mentored and is still guided by well-known drummers such as Federico Paulovich and Eugenio Mori.

He works in a recording studio as a percussionist/drummer and music arranger at the Soundroom in Alghero. He collaborates with afro ensemble and Senegalese musicians, in particular with Griot Mory Thioune (the percussionist of Zucchero1 and Youssou N’Dour) and Mor Sow in Sardinia and Corsica. Since 2010 he has carried out didactic activities in public schools, music colleges and civic schools in the province of Sassari. At the moment he teaches Percussion instruments in the public music school in Alghero. In2013 he became part of the Sardinian group Etnias as a drummer and percussionist.

He started his career as a producer by opening the studio Isula Records in Alghero in 2014, completing several projects with Sardinian and international artists. He is a member of the Electro-funk duo The Encore, who released the single "Fall into The Deep in "in January 2016, led by theRoman manager Alex La Gamba. In March 2017 he became an ambassador for Agner Drumsticks and Pasha Cymbals - both well-known brands. In April 2017 he participated at the festival 1000 Beats in Selinunte, Sicily sharing the stage with well-known artists such as Chris Coleman, Jojo Mayer, Nerve and other international artists.

In August 2017, the new single of the project, The Encore, was released. In this single, Neja and Federico Malaman featured as well. He participated and played at the exhibition Musika in Rome, on the 29th of September 2017 and 2019, as an endorser for the brands Xdrum and Pasha Cymbals. In November he started a Masterclass’ tour all over Italy: from Rome (Charleston School, Officine Musicali) through Venice and otherItalian cities. In July he won in Rome the National drummer prize for drummers “100% Batteristi”. In October 2018 he organized a masterclass in Alghero along with Maxx Furian, Daniele Chiantese and Gabriele Morcavallo, followed by another masterclass in 2019 with the world famous Dom Famularo and the drummers Corrado Bertonazzi, Gabriele Morcavallo and Massimo Russo.

In 2019 he became endorser of the worldwide known drum’s brand Ludwig the world’s largest drumhead company Remo Inc. He published video sponsored by these companies and the Italian Aramini distribution for the new release of the Colortone drumhead skins. In the following months he started his tour clinic presenting his book “Do you have a sense of Rhythm?” from Rome to the main Italian cities. He participated as a judge at the National drum’s competition “Charleston” along with the most important Italian drummers and played at the National music exhibition in Chieti “Musica in Fiera”.

In December 2019 was released his first track “LIFT” written with the world famous Kaz Rodriguez. It has been published as well in an article of the national magazine accordo.it

The new year 2020 brought him to the Namm in Los Angeles where he had the chance to follow meetings with companies and drummers from all over the world. They planned and organized 2020/2021 events both at a national and international level.

July 2020 composes the song "Charleston" for the national drum contest "Drum Contest Charleston" organized by Gabriele Morcavallo's "Charleston" school in Rome, being part of the jury together with a nationally and internationally renowned drummer. On November 5, his first album titled "Drum Experience" is released.

He is Network Manager for the musical instrument company Valmusic for Cymbals Brand Pasha, carrying out events and clinics throughout Italy concerning the promulgation of the culture and study of the musical instrument, taking care of the relationships between the musicians and the brands distributed by the company in question.

He holds the roles of Musical Artistic Director and supervisor of the Drums and Rhythmics laboratories as regards the "Swim'n'swing" project funded by the Sardinia Region for the four-year period 2020/2023, an innovative project on movement through the relationship between sport and music , an inclusive and social breath between normally gifted and disabled people of different ages and genders.

In January 2023 he was invited as director of the Swim'n'Swing to Harvard where the project will be presented and he will play at the University thus starting a collaboration that will often take him to Boston in the future.

During 2023 he played at various fairs and events as well as having recorded several albums for various national and international artists, and in the first months of 2024 he concluded his second teaching method "Drum Experience" which will be released in May 2024 with Dantone Edizioni.

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