I don’t leave my house without FretWraps from Gruv Gear. I’m constantly in the studio and the fretwraps are essential for getting that perfect, fret buzz-free sound all guitarists and bassists are looking for, especially when recording slap bass. Fretwraps allow guitars and basses to sound as clean as possible – absolutely necessary for a studio musician/recording artist.
The Fump is a genius invention! Like the FretWraps, it allows bass players like myself to get as clean of a sound as possible, but in this case, when palm muting (no palm necessary). One less thing to worry about in the studio. The Fump allows me to get an even muted sound without having to worry about keeping my palm evenly on my bass the whole time.
SoloStrap Neo
This strap is definitely the most comfortable I have ever owned. My back and left shoulder have always been prone to hurting after a show or rehearsal since I started playing bass, and this strap does not allow for discomfort to develop. It’s soft, squishy, and soothing.

Anna Sentina is a multi-instrumentalist, starting with classical piano at eight years old and later adding guitar and bass to her repertoire. At twelve, Anna joined the School of Rock where she would perform all over California as a student and as a member of the House Band. She started touring with bands at the young age of 14, and later went on to study bass performance at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood at 16 years of age. At that time, Anna decided to start posting videos on YouTube, consisting of covers of popular metal, rock, funk, hip hop, and pop songs. She is now a YouTube musician, having posted several cover and demo videos in well-known studios around San Diego and Los Angeles.

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