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Anouck Andre is a French guitarist . She started playing guitar at 17 under her father's supervision, Serge Andre, a professional jazz musician and composer. Her first teacher, Philippe Letort, taught her the basics of the instrument and helped her open up her musical horizons. A few years later, with Eric Louis, Anouck developped her fingerpicking style with the influence of Flamenco, Classical, Bossa, and Folk music. She also benefited from one to one guidance by the guitar legend Rick Graham.

In 2006, Anouck was accepted into the prestigious Music Academy International in Nancy. She graduated in 2007 and returned to the south of France where she now lives, teaches the guitar, and plays with various bands and singers.

Anouck is currently working on her first solo album, and is sponsored by such renowned brands as TC Electronic, Toadworks effects, Awe in One picks, Guitar pro 6, Wyres strings, Intex cables, Wide Ride Straps, Reunion Blues and Gruv Gear.

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