The FretWrap has always been my best friend for a cleaner sound, especially when I do tapping! It's so effective for cancelling all the unwanted noise when combining tapping, chords and the B-Bender altogether!

Pulling the B-Bender out of the Gruv Gear SoloStrap is no longer a painful activity after many hours of practicing! Definitely the most comfortable strap.

With its innovative and unique design, The GigBlade Sliver contains a very thick padding which guarantees the protection of your guitar. It feels light and well balanced. It has pockets for guitar accessories that make life much easier! It looks super cool too!

Born in Beirut Lebanon, Cynthia started to play classical guitar at the age of 12 then switched to the electric guitar one year later and got her BA in music and media in 2011. She jammed and performed with local bands from various styles such as Classic Rock, Blues, and Samba Reggae.

Mostly Influenced by Blues, Funk, Rock and Country music, she combined her tapping skills with the use of the B - Bender. "The B - Bender Tap is a new technique" that caught the attention of many musicians worldwide and it was described as innovative.

Currently Cynthia is a guitar instructor and performs in weddings and private events.

She is working on her new original music.

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