The GigBlade is a great tool for bass players. it's modern, unique and innovative in design. Moreover, it`s so practical, especially with the extra pocket on top area. Consequently, I could definately feel the crew in Gruv Gear try hard to make high quality gears with the intent of offering it at a reasonable price.

Daewon Oh is a professional bass player and music director from Korea.
He has more than 25 years of professional experience as a bass player, music arranger and also producer.
He performs 30-50 concerts and 200-500 Recording sessions per year since 2002. It means he has worked with most of top Korean artists.
His career is expended to music arranger and director of famous Korean Music TV program.
From Pop music to Jazz music, with his wide arrange of musical skill, He is one of the top and first call studio session musician in Korea.
His bass solo album was released in Sony Korea(2002). He is also Fodera artists as well (2014~present) - producer and composer Chanjae, Park.

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