The Gigblade keeps your instrument safe. Due to the bag’s large storage space, you do not have to fold your straps. When moving in a small space, you are able to keep the instrument close to the body. Even when carrying a backpack, you can easily lift the case to one side.

He started studying music at Baekseok University in 2003. He plays pop, gospel, rock, blues, funk, and jazz.

Since 2013, he has been playing as a session bassist for a Korean singer Lee Moo-sae.

2005: Session bassist for musical Carmen

2009: 1st place, The First MI COMPETITION

2010: Session bassist for musical Exit No.4

2010-2011 - session bassist for J-Power (Jazz fusion band)

2011: Advanced to the round of 4 in KBS TOPBAND competition

2012: Producer, composer, lyricist, and bassist for the 1st Wavesurfer album

2013~2014: Concert - Republic of Korea Lee Mun-sae National Tour & World Tour (United States, Canada, and Australia)

2015~2016: Concert - Theater Lee Mun-sae National Tour

2016: Concert - Lee Mun-sae The Best National Tour

2017: Concert - 2017 Theater Lee Mun-sae National Tour

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