I’ve been using the DuoStrap Neo and WOW!!! What else is there to say? This thing has changed my playing completely. For all of my gigs I feel so secure, as if I am sitting on my couch at home and playing without any effort. Love you guys and thank you so much for your beautiful work!

Originally from Beirut, Elie Afif is one of the most sought after bass players in the Middle East region. At the age of 27, he has performed at notable international festivals such as Java Jazz festival, WOMAD Festival, Dubai Jazz Festival, Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival, Palermo Jazz Festival, Mongo Jazz Festival in Brussels and Novar Festival in Bordeaux.

In 2007 upon receiving a scholarship, he attended Prins Claus Conservatorium in Holland for a short period.

Elie then attended the The Collective School of Music in New York in 2012 after receiving another scholarship. It was here that he was quickly exposed to the New York scene, as well as meeting many great players that Elie would also learn a tremendous amount from such as Matt Garrison, Tarek Yamani and Ian Foreman.

Elie has performed with many international artists including Rene Mclean, Bobby Durham, Dwight Dickerson, Bobby McFerrin, Mike Stern, Jerome Sabbagh, Chris McNaulty, Bob Frenceschini, Olivier Collette, Gino Latouka, Steve Uben, Tarek Yamani, Khaled Yassin, Arthur Satyan and Rony Barrak, A. R. Rahman, He is now based in Dubai, UAE and performs in different formations mainly as Afif Jazz.

Elie also appeared on Ranjit Barot's album “Bada Boom” featuring great players such as Zakir Hussein, Yuri Shrunivas, John Mclaughlin, Matt Garrison and Dominique Di Piazza.

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