FretWraps ..... east & quick to use! Now I can express my 'Wooten slap' in a clear and well-defined way! How would I do without it now? :-))))

Federico Malaman is a bass & double bass player and arranger, who graduated in classical double bass at Conservatorio of Verona “E. Dall’ Abaco.


  • ?“Enjoy With Me” by Federico Malaman…..with Andrea Tofanelli, Vittorio Matteucci, Stefano Pisetta, Mauro Beggio, Paolo Birro, Elisabeth Geel, Roberto Manzin, Gianluca Carollo, Fabio Pupillo, Mauro Parma & more
  • With Paolo Belli ” A Me Mi Piace… lo swing” “Belli… dentro” “Belli e pupe” “Belli in Smoking” “Più belli di così “ & “Sorridi….e vai avanti” as bassist, pianist & arranger
  • ?“Let’s Swing” by Bobby Solo
  • ?3 CD by Rai Trade “Ballando Con Le Stelle” sold by” Sorrisi e Canzoni”
  • ?“Eternal Life” dei Capsicum Tree (feat. Stefano Di Battista, Saturnino, Red Canzian e Dodi Battaglia)
  • ?“Zoog a Jazz 3? Live (with Francesca Bertazzo, Lino Brotto, Marco Carlesso, Roberto Manzin, Bruno Cesselli)
  • ?“Royal Big Band Vol 2? Conductor Benny La Monica (Guest Carlo Atti, Luciano Milanese, Federico Malaman, Franco Testa, Angelo Adamo)
  • ?“So Cool” & “Preface To A Dream” by Elisabeth Geel
  • ?“Everyday Magic” by Ruggero Robin
  • ?“Caress” by Chris Pescosta
  • ?“Double Face” by Lanfranco Malaguti
  • ?“Five Portraits” by Marco Strano & with Bruno Cesselli Massimo Manzi
  • ?“Do It” by Vittorio Matteucci, Marco Strano, Bruno Cesselli Massimo Manzi
  • ?“In My Hands” by Roberto Dalla Vecchia
  • ?“What About The Funky” by Free Jam (Horn arrangements)
  • ?DVD of “Donne per l’Abruzzo con L’Aura e Chiara Canzian”
  • ?”Por Ahi Va La Cosa” by Roger Heredia (featuring Mike Stern, Alain Caron, Bob Franceschini, Bob Mintzer & others great stars)
  • ?”The Other End” by Martin Miller

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