I use many different techniques and FretWraps help me a lot to keep it clean on stage and studio. Super easy and practical to use and looks good =D

Regarded as one of the new references for Fusion/Prog Rock, Fernando Molinari is a young Brazilian bassist with a strong focus on technique with a Latin swing.

He turned his love of music into a professional career at 18 years old, after having studied guitar and bass at 8 and 13 years old respectively. Fernando is now a respected educator, sideman, studio performer, clinician, and he also writes educational material for Brazilian bass magazines and websites.

As a solo artist, Molinari won 'Best Instrumental Artist' on 2017 Samsung E-Festival instrumental (The biggest instrumental music contest in Brazil) and has recorded/performed with great artists including; Greg Howe- (USA), Bruno Valverde(Angra), Davi Filho, Adriano Moreira (Taiwan), Kit Tang (Hong Kong), Dor Levin (Israel), Project B (Japan), Rio Palmieri (Italy), Bjoernar Frantzen (Norway), Inner Space (Canada), Ton silva (USA), Brunno Henrique (Noturnall) and many others.

His latest efforts have been put towards his recently released solo album 'Built by Elements', considered extremely unique, virtuous and mature with his seamless amalgamation of genres...with features on Bass The World, No Treble, Baixo Natural, Bass Player Magazine, Truth in Shredding etc.

Molinari just released his online slap course:

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