The FretWraps are one of the most useful tools for my playing and tone, I usually do a lot of tappings and the FretWraps really help me to mute unwanted noises. More than a luxury thing for guitar, sometimes is a really must.

The Club Bag is perfect for my traveling, besides the beautiful look, color and shape. I think it's a heavy duty back pack where my pedals and important gear are very safe inside of it.

Hedras Ramos is a young guitar prodigy born in Guatemala City in 1992.

Hedras is taking the world by storm with his furious shredding rock and future-jazz stylings, bringing the instrument to an entirely new level.

With 3 albums of his own under his belt and a 4th production where he’s the man behind the guitars and composer of some songs of the latest full length Heavy Metal album (“The Omens of Death”) of legendary Hollywood Star, Sir Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Dracula, Star Wars and 300+ movies), his own song versions of the Rock Band Games and 21 endorsements from great companies from 3 continents, Hedras has definitely pushed the boundaries for an artist of such a tender age, and he’s only warming up!

Hedras has shared the stage with great bands like Kansas, Die Toten Hosen, Switchfoot, and was chosen by the very same Axl Rose to open for Guns and Roses on his Chinese Democracy tour in Guatemala City.

When he was 17 he won top awards like the Guitar Idol guitar emblem at the prestigious guitar competition Guitar Idol in London, UK in 2009 and 2nd place among more than 1200 players from every corner of the planet. One year later again, another top prize at the Ziua Chitarelor in Bucharest, Romania.

Hedras has featured on the cover of great guitar magazines from Italy, Indonesia, Argentina and on countless international interviews on many other great magazines, TV and Radio shows, while he travels the world performing his music for thousands.

Hedras Ramos is without a question among the new breed of young guitar heroes of his generation!

Check out this video from his recent tour in May/2014 in ASIA, sponsored by giant guitar maker CORT Guitars.

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