When I look back on the years I’ve played bass, there are two eras; Before Gruv Gear and after Gruv Gear!! Never in my life would I have thought that such simple concepts could so greatly benefit the gigging musician.

FretWraps have become a staple on every bass I own. I’m still shocked at how they’ve cleaned up my playing and brought out some amazing tones, all the while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

When it comes to the gig necessities, my Stadium Bag has EVERYTHING I need in one convenient location. No more borrowing cables or tools at a gig or rehearsal. Grab it and go!!

Joe Fazio is a New York City bass player, performer, writer and clinician. Honing his skills in the Tri-state area music scene, he immediately made a name for himself in the local bass community. Playing a multitude of styles and with as many musicians as he could helped to diversify him from other players.

Joe wanted to expand his musical knowledge so he enlisted the help of renowned New Jersey teacher, Joe Macaro. Since studying with Macaro, Joe’s been pretty active in the New York scene playing with the likes of New Hope Community Church, Hope Kills Fear, Redeemer’s Cross and EO. In addition to his heavy stage and studio performances, Joe recently started a YouTube channel specifically targeted at demoing products he utilizes on a daily basis. He will also be hitting the studio soon to begin work on his first solo CD, looking at an early 2014 release date.

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