Living in New York City and lugging gear around on public transit can be a real pain sometimes. Gruv Gear’s GigBlade has made my commutes to gigs and busking infinitely easier and more comfortable. I play a very valuable instrument and used to only carry it around in a flight case, which was heavy and cumbersome. Now, with the GigBlade I can lighten the load while still being confident that my instrument is safe and secure.

Kyle Horn is a New York City-based fingerstyle guitarist who incorporates strong melodic riffs with percussive techniques that together form a very full and unique sound. He transforms his acoustic guitar into a multidimensional instrument that allows him to add sonically complex layers into his compositions that result in an aurally and visually captivating performance. Kyle has studied with some the world’s most renowned fingerstyle guitarists including Andy McKee, Don Ross, Thomas Leeb, Mike Dawes and Alex Kabasser. He has also opened shows for Mike and Thomas as well as Craig D’Andrea and Antoine Dufour. In 2014, he was recognized as the only runner-up from the United States in the acoustic category of Lee Ritenour’s Six String Theory Competition for his two original compositions “Concrete Shuffle” and “Locomotive”. Kyle was also recognized as a finalist in the instrumental category for the International U.S.A. Songwriting Competition. In 2016, he joined the independent record label, FretMonkey Records, which is based out of Arkansas. Kyle is currently composing for his full length album which he anticipates to release in the first half of 2017.

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