The FretWraps by Gruv Gear are the best idea ever! In-fact, they are so useful, it got me thinking about why I didn't invent it first! It's the ultimate string damper, it obviously works perfectly for tapping, but is pretty useful on studio recording situations, you can also set up the amount of pressure you want so it would be dampening unwanted strings but you can still use open strings, it's CRAZY!

Leonardo is a Guitarist from Bogota, currently a session guitarist, arranger and music teacher. He finished his professional music studies at El Bosque University in Bogota.

He’s a colombian guitarist with a great scope and promise, known for his entries for several international online contests on places like youtube. In which he’s always been in the top five, and many times the winner. Due to this he has been reviewed and praised by many great guitarists like Jason Becker, Rob Chapman, Danielle Gottardo, Guthrie Govan, Martin Taylor among others.

His performances and style may fall in the fusion and shred categories, however, it is possible to hear a plethora of techniques in his playing, also featuring very jazzy melodic and harmonic elements used in a tremendously creative manner, it’s important to make note also that every musical resource and every technical tool he uses are dependent on his expressive needs.

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