I was performing in a lot of private events the last six or seven years. Depending on the budget, I would carry my Equipment. If it was a small gig, I would go with just a kick snare hat and it would be enough. But when I needed to transport my full rig, that was when I wished I never has become a drummer. The most annoying thing about drums is transportation. I needed something to get my gear in and out the Venue quickly and efficiently. That’s when I asked about a piece of gear that could do the job and that’s when I discovered Gruv Gear. Honestly, now I don’t care at all how much gear I need as I leave my Solo Lite in my car. I believe every musician should own a Gruv Gear, period.

Born in 1978, Lebanon, Marcel is known as being one of the best drummers alive. His creativity, versatility, and technique allow him to jump from a style to another with ease. From Latin, Funk, Fusion, Electronic, experimental jazz and in between, Marcel proved to be a new born innovator. His use of electronics, playing the Roland Handsonic with his left hand and a stick with the right hand is a totally new way of playing electronic music. His Funk Linear style is one of a kind (called the new Garibaldi) by his peers.

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