I've been using FretWraps on all my basses for the past 2 years and I absolutely love them! They're great in the studio to help eliminate any unnecessary string noise. When I'm gigging in the city, the V-Cart Solo is the perfect tool for navigating foot traffic and getting around those horror load-ins.

While he was in year 10 at high school, Mark went to his local church's music auditions. Someone had heard that he could play piano and put his name forward. It was quickly apparent that his handful of lessons didn't really qualify him as a candidate, so he was thrust onto the bass to "have a go."

What was almost a mistake turned out to be a defining moment for the then 15-year-old. He was shown how to play the songs for the meeting that night and ended up playing that night and every week after that for the next five years. Although an unexpected entry into music, it was meant to be and Mark has excelled in his craft and is now considered one of the best in his field and has toured the world multiple times over the last decade and has had the opportunity to tour and play with many great musicians including James Morrison, Victor Wooten, Guy Sebastian and many more local Australian artists. He currently plays with Planetshakers who tour on a regular basis.

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