The concept behind the FretWrap is simple, beautiful and works like crazy. I spend a good amount of time onstage playing guitar and keyboard simultaneously, and FretWraps give me an "extra hand" that opens up so many options for me musically. It's a game changer that I wish I'd had years ago, and I look forward to learning how to use it more expressively over the many years I'll be using it.

“Keneally is the leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era.” – All Music Guide

Long acclaimed as one of the world’s most creative and intense guitar and keyboard players, Mike Keneally’s talents as a vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist are nearly unequalled in rock music.

Keneally has released 24 albums of his original music since 1992, and has built a body of work of remarkable inventiveness and originality.

Keneally played in Frank Zappa’s last touring band, performing as a vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist. He’s appeared on many Zappa albums, is currently a touring member of both Dethklok and the Joe Satriani Band, and has also recorded or performed with Robert Fripp, Wayne Kramer, Kevin Gilbert, Solomon Burke, Steve Vai, Chickenfoot, Bear McCreary, Henry Kaiser, Michael Manring, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Andy Prieboy, Mullmuzzler, The Persuasions and many others.

Known for his innovative, unpredictable live shows, Keneally has played extensively in the United States and Europe, in contexts ranging from solo and duo concerts to performances with large-scale orchestras. His 52-minute orchestra-with-guitar suite The Universe Will Provide received its world premiere in 2003 by Keneally performing with Holland’s Metropole Orkest; the US premiere of Universeoccurred at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles in 2011.

2012’s release was Wing Beat Fantastic: Songs Written by Mike Keneally & Andy Partridge, a collection of material written with ex-XTC leader Andy Partridge; the album was widely acclaimed and ranked highly on several critics’ “Best of 2012” lists.

Keneally’s 2016 release is Scambot 2, the second part of a long-form conceptual extravaganza, and now available at The limited edition 2-CD set also features a second album called Inkling.

2016 also finds Keneally touring with Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins (featuring Aristocrats bassist Bryan Beller and Zappa "vaultmeister" Joe Travers on drums), in addition to worldwide touring with Joe Satriani.

Time Out New York said, in reference to the Mike Keneally Band, “this band, with such a peculiar genius leading it, is a thing to savor.”

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