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Oytun Ersan is a Turkish Cypriot electric bass and upright bass player, composer and bass tutor. At the age of 15, Oytun joined the International Nicosia Municipality Orchestra as a bass player where he is still working for the last 20 years. He is well known with his soulful grooves and melodies.

Oytun contributed to a great number of album projects, performed at various international festivals and won the hearts of music lovers. He has worked with a number of world famous musicians including Rex Richardson, Thomas Wolff, Savvas Savva, Tony Jones, Ola Onabule, Lloyd Chisholm, Paul Roos, Andrey Alpatov, his brother Okan Ersan and many more. Oytun is now working on his new jazz-fusion album where he demonstrates a unique combination of east and west ethnic beats.

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