My V-Cart allows me to easily move my stage gear (Marshall head and 4x12, a Pedaltrain Pro and a couple of guitars) and saves my my strength to get my RAWK on.

FretWraps reign in those unwanted resonances when playing at high amplified volume and allows me to explore new two-hand techniques.

The GigBlade allows me to take care of my body with its sleek ergonomics while protecting my beloved axe.
,br>GRUV is teh AWESOME and teh ROXXORZ!

Perfecto De Castro is the quintessential guitarist’s guitarist. Well-versed in a multitude of musical styles, his affinity with the instrument is evident in everything he does; from unleashing an emotion-laden solo with an overdriven electric guitar, to navigating complex musical counterpoint on his 10-string classical guitar.

Perf, as he is known to Filipino music fans, is best recognized as the original guitarist for 90s Pinoy Rock supergroup Rivermaya. Since his departure from the band he has added numerous credits to his wide and varied list of accomplishments; producing platinum-selling albums by Wolfgang and Marc Velasco, lending his guitar wizardry to Philippine Music Icons Mike Hanopol and Francis M., and garnering awards such as NU 107’s Guitar of the Year as well as from Philippine Music organizations Awit and Katha.

Since relocating to Southern California in mid-2004, Perfecto has pursued a career as a solo concert guitarist performing Classical and World music on his unique instrument, the 10-string classical guitar. His recordings, 2007’s “A Journey through 10 strings” and 2009’s “CAPARISON” (PDC Records) are warmly received by fans and critics, celebrating Perfecto’s graceful and passionate playing that permeates both CDs’ diverse musical content.

When Perfecto is not touring, he resides with his family in Los Angeles, where he teaches next generation guitarists and continues to challenge himself as he expands his repertoire with new musical ventures.

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