While preparing for a US tour, I started having trouble with my back from the constant toll of playing my 6-string basses every single day. It was then I ran into Jay from Gruv Gear, and he recomended that I try the DuoStrap. I told him I would and he explained to me how it works, and that was it. I started healing really fast, even the doctor was surprised. I've been addicted to every single Gruv Gear product ever since! The FretWraps are my favorite, especially in the studio. In fact, anytime someone asks me about my FretWraps I just answer, “These little guys are your new best friends!

Ra Díaz is a bassplayer from Chile, South America. Currently relocated in Mexico City and L.A., he has performed with numerous acts such as Mexico’s hottest female rapper Niña Dioz, the Ritmo Machine project starring Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill/Beastie Boys) and fellow chilean DJ Bitman featuring Money Mark and Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm, argentinian rock trio Timmy O’Tool, chilean hip hop legends Tiro de Gracia, Grammy Award and two times Latin Grammy Award winner drummer Mauricio Clavería, and many more, including southamerican, northamerican, and european tours with different artists. He is one of the main Latin American Spector Bass artists, and uses Gruv Gear FretWraps on every single one of his basses: including his 4, 5 and 6 strings.The Gruv Gear Damian Erskine Signature DuoStrap has also played a huge part in helping him recover from an ongoing back injury

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