I've been using the V-Cart Solo from Gruv Gear for almost a year and it's a definite must-have. We used to break our backs lugging gear around and were always looking for a solution, but one that wouldn't be too bulky and cumbersome. the V-Cart Solo was PERFECT - lightweight, well constructed, multiple configurations for transporting different types of gear and best of all ...THE PRICE. I highly recommend this cart for wedding and event filmmakers.

Ray Roman is considered one of the top 10 wedding and event cinematographers in the world. Ray and his team routinely travel all over the globe documenting weddings for high profile clients. Winners of countless International awards, Ray Roman has also won the top award in the world for short-form wedding film for 2 consecutive years. Ray and his team have also been named one of the top 25 hottest and most influential studios on the planet by EventDV Magazine. Ray Roman Films is a boutique studio that only accepts a limited number of weddings per year.

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