Gruv Gear is filling a void that so many have needed.. Gone are the days of the obscure looking scrunchies snugged around your neck of your guitar or headstock. The design is the bomb and aesthetically it's hip with a really modern feel!

Born and raised in the Hamakua district on the big island of Hawaii in a little town of Honoka'a, RJ took to the stage at the very young age of 6 years old. He grew up in the entertainment business and has since a young age till now graced the stage with many of Hawaii's entertainment/music legends. Braddah IZ and Don Ho were early mentors to RJ and from that point in time his mind was made up. From the age of 6 to 17 RJ competed and even guest appeared at various talent show competitions and variety shows. He dominated the competition to the point where he was asked to sit out certain years of annual talent/musical competitions to give the other kids a chance. At the age of 12 RJ won the exchange club of Hawaii, California and Alaska national talent show competition beating out top youth acts from all three states involved.. At the same age of 12, RJ started singing with his own live band that consist of 7 students that were all classmates.This would last for 6 years as he made his way through high school busting his chops, taking his kicks and learning his licks! The band specialized in oldies but goodies music but once the reggae craze become full force in Hawaii the band knew they needed to change it up and switched gears. All through high school RJ continued to perform on his own as well as he was added to the prestigious "shower of stars" shows, where Hawaii's top entertainers would put on a variety show of sorts. This is where RJ first ran into his first ever manager Frank Alfred who was credited with helping to launch careers such as Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and also credited with being the man who first brought the legendary boy band "Menudo" to Hawaiian and quite possibly American soil. This lasted all through high school so by the time RJ graduated he was already very seasoned and was very comfortable on stage and off understanding at a young age that he needed to maintain himself properly. After high school RJ did a short stint at the university of Hawaii at Hilo taking up administrative justice but after a year and a half of that RJ still knew his real calling was music. With that in mind RJ proceeded to enroll at the "Musicians Institute" in Hollywood California in which forever changed his life. But oddly enough did not study guitar but rather vocals and keyboard

In 1995 RJ decided to move home to Hawaii and take a job offered as a lead guitarist in polynesian revue for the largest Polynesian entertainment company in the world "Tihati productions" ( And has been there ever since traveling the world sharing his strong Polynesian ties and heritage through music and dance even a trip to the White House to perform a Luau show for fellow Hawai'i boy President Obama. On his own doing his own music away from Tihati "show" music RJ has flourished as a established musician in the pacific and has recorded four solo CDs and various singles and projects he has produced to date all of which hitting the Island / Pacific Music charts at one time or another. Blessed with the opportunity to play on stage and in the studio with so many great island and international stars he has done even more then he himself would have ever imagined, even working with Grammy award winning artist and producers in his own personal full-blown studio (Groove Plant Hawaii) and in many other facilities. RJ has also shared the stage with many celebrities at the local and world wide level it's only fitting that someday soon he himself will have his day in the sun! Indeed one of Hawaii's hardest working entertainers he presses on and takes it one day at a time. On most days you can find RJ camping out in his own personal full studio where he produces his own music as well as for other artist. As a musical prodigy of sorts RJ truly believes that "hard work pays off and is undoubtably a force to be taken seriously when someone that's truly gifted decides to work hard." Thus, the reason he believes so much in reaching out and helping whoever he can. His love of God ,family and his friends and fans makes his truly a inspirational force to be reckoned with. And reaching people through his music and his words is a mission well fitting for a man of Hawaiian and Polynesian royal lineage. This is RJ Kaneao! The father, the son, the artist and the mentor.

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