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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, on november 5th of 1987, Rogerio Torres started to listening to rock influenced by his uncle and older cousins with 6 years old. He used to love Guns N’ Roses, when he was a kid and grew up listening to these rock icons. At 13, he was presented with his first guitar and from that moment he haven’t stopped to play anymore. He used to play a lot of hours a day, influenced by Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne.

Rogerio Always studied by himself and never got a regular guitar course. He had some bands in his adolescence. Misfits cover was one of them and a melodic metal band was another, but nothing that Rogerio dreamed.

But in december of 2009, he was invited to play at John Wayne, his actual band, and there, Rogerio found himself in a band genre he dreamed to play, the metalcore.

John Wayne was formed by four of his childhood friends. On january 5th, Rogerio was definitely in the band and started to work with the boys. For instinct, he Always written all the songs of the band.

In august of 2010, Rogerio recorded their first song in studio with John Wayne. “Pesadelo Real” (in english: “Real Nightmare”) was the name of the song and it had a great acceptation of brazilian scene.

In the same year, he recorded a full EP, called “EP2011” with the band, and still in the same year, recorded “Aliança” (in english: “Alliance”). That song would become an anthem of brazilian metalcore.

In 2012 Jonh Wayne gave a bigger step in their carrer and composed “Tempestade” (in english: “Storm”). Rogerio recorded all the guitar tracks in studio with Adair Daufembach, a big áudio producer in Brazil. Released in november of the same year, this album was considered one of the most importante of brazilian metal at that time.

In may of 2014, John Wayne decided to write a new single, that would show the new influences of the band. This song was called “Recomeço” (in english: “Restart”) and it was released in august of the same year. Ultil now, this is one of the songs that John Wayne’s fans like more.

Following the same style of metal, in may of 2015 Rogerio wrote “Dois Lados – Parte I” (in english: “Two Sides – Part I”), based on “Divine Comedy - Hell” of Dante Alighieri. It brings a new and conceptual period of the band. A deep album, talking about songs and guitar arrangements. From that album, Rogerio started to use 7 string guitars with drop and low tunnings (Drop G#), characteristic of modern metal. A new concept and maturer work.

Rogerio highlights for his criativity and stage performance. He follows the simple style of playing, but with melody, harmony and feeling. Wherever you listen to his songs, you easily knows that Rogerio is playing.

Currently, Rogerio is on tour with John Wayne and he gives workshops with the drummer Edu Garcia, playing John Wayne’s songs and explaining techniques, curiosities and gear.

Rogerio is recording his first instrumental solo EP. “Cosmos” is an independent work and will be some special guests, like Ed Garcia (Vitalism), Paula Carregosa, André Casagrande and Isadora Sartor (Pray For Mercy).

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