I immediately noticed the difference as soon as I first tried out the FretWrap, and I have been using them ever since! As a percussive acoustic guitarist I am often using the guitar as a drum, so there is bound to be a lot of excess open string noise from behind the nut, but the FretWrap completely eliminates this. It also cleans up the open string noise when tapping, giving each pull-off equal volume across on the fretboard. A truly innovative design that is a must for any guitarist or bass player.

Named as one of the greatest guitarists worldwide under the age of 30 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine (USA) as well as being Acoustic Magazine's (UK) 'Next Big Thing', UK-based self-taught solo guitarist Sean de Burca, has released records in HMV, played in America and performed at the prestigious London Acoustic Guitar Show.

"From harmonics to percussive slapping to agile fretboard dancing, this southpaw knows a thing or two about getting the most sound possible out of his guitar. On his three full-length releases on Bandcamp, the self-taught guitarist shows he isn’t afraid of taking risks." - Acoustic Guitar Magazine 2014

Sean has performed his original percussive acoustic music, created with altered tunings, guitar body percussion, fretboard tapping and groove-driven Rock infused riffs to audiences including Roger Daltrey and Jeff Beck. He is set to perform and hold a masterclass at UK Tech-Metal Fest 2014 along side Jon Gomm, Sikth, Modern Day Babylon, Felix Martin, Monuments, Devil Sold His Soul, The Algorithm and many other international bands.

During October 2013, Sean was asked by his guitar heroes and USA guitar headliners, Craig D’Andrea and Trevor Gordon Hall, to support them on their UK Tour. Also during the same month, the leading company in acoustic instrument pickup equipment, K&K Sound, chose Sean as their Artist of the Month, in the company of Andy McKee, Don Ross, Calum Graham, Antoine Dufour and many others.

Sean's 3rd record, titled “Six String Gun”, released in July 2012 immediately hit the shelves of HMV, as well as various other stores across the United Kingdom and America. During the week of August 13th 2012, “Six String Gun” outsold Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Maroon 5 and Drake in the weekly sales of a Kent (UK) HMV store. "Six String Gun" was then followed up by Sean's latest CD titled "Stormchaser".

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