As someone who plays basses with a lot of strings, muting is very important to me. I have spent years refining my technique but I was ecstatic when Jay contacted me about designing the XL FretWrap. This is the final piece missing from my sonic puzzle! With my FretWrap I am absolutely free to play the way I want to play. An absolutely brilliant design!
My 10 string bass is well made but not the lightest instrument around. I have been playing it for years and love it, but after an hour of playing it can become a bit uncomfortable. At least that WAS the case before I got my DuoStrap. Now I can play for hours with no wear and tear on my body. The weight is so well distributed that I occasionally laugh to myself while I'm playing. I really can't get over it!

Stew McKinsey comes from a family where creativity was encouraged. Singing in choirs as a boy, he also studied violin, recorder, flute, piano and trombone. But it wasn't until he saw a friend's punk band play that he saw, heard and felt the instrument that has become his voice: the electric bass. Within a month of picking it up, he was gigging.

Once he heard Anthony Jackson, Jimmy Haslip and Jimmy Johnson playing below the bottom E of a 4 string, he was driven to explore that range and sought out one of the first 5 string basses available. Soon after that Stew began studying with Steve Bailey who opened the possibilities of the instrument's upper register to the developing bassist.

Within minutes of playing 6 string for the first time, the thought of an 8 string instrument -- one which went both lower and higher than the 6 -- took root in his mind. It took more than a decade to find a luthier who would take on the project but he has never looked back.

In addition to his work as a solo artist, sideman, teacher and clinician, Stew is a columnist for Britain's popular Bass Guitar Magazine and his regular feature, The Extended Range Specialist, is read by players all over the planet every month.

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