Well, I can finally say I've found the best thing to improve my playing and my sound: FretWraps! My motto: FretWraps, always everywhere, every time !

Tomas Played the piano as a child, but switched to guitar by the age of 15. As a self-taught musician, he has worked his way into several orchestras and music formations. He started showing interest in modern metal just a few years ago. His influences are bands such as Animals As Leaders, Periphery and Chimp Spanner. He plays Skervesen custom guitars (as their artist) and Axe FX Ultra. He also does work for the publisher "Music Media House."His band, Modern Day Babylon is a very first djent - groove – ambient metal from the Czech Republic. Tomas founded the band in 2010 as a one-man project, although they are now performing as an instrumental trio. They are receiving unusual praises by critics for their catchy album "Debut." Tomas was joined by conservatory graduates VOJTECH SEMINSKY on drums and MAREK MRVIK on bass.
MDB has been stirring up the Czech progressive metal scene and has won awards such as the "Newcomer of the Year 2011" award and the "Minialbum of the Year 2011" award, given by "Britva Awards," a chart composed by some of the biggest names of Czech music media.

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