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Borja Mintegiaga


Gruv Gear products are top notch quality. I've been using the FretWraps for so many years; in my practice routine with the instrument, working with my students, live and in the studio. I consider it a very useful tool in my life, as it makes my life as a guitar player easier! Gruv Gear takes care of their customers, so I highly recommend checking out all their products.

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Borja Mintegiaga (born May 11, 1991) is a professional guitarist & musician, session musician, guitar teacher/harmony teacher & educator, music transcriber, musical psychologist, sound engineer, producer and arranger from the Basque Country. He started his professional musical career at the age of 18, when he finished high school and decided to dedicate his entire life to music.
Having spent so many years studying lot of concepts from the best guitar players and musicians in the world Allan Hollsworth, Tim Miller, Frank Gambale, Guthrie Govan, Rick Graham. Tom Quayle, Andy James, Shawn Lane, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen...) took him to work in other guitar academies as “Andy James Guitar Academy” and McRocklin ́s “School Of McRock”. Also, creating and uploading content to different social media platforms for about 14 years and thanks to them, now is collaborating with a number of gear companies he admires and trust; like Kiesel Guitars, Neural DSP, Guitar Pro, Swiss Picks, Hesu Amps, Se Electronics, The String Source, Submission Audio endorsing the brands and demoing products. Borja has participated in some worldwide online guitar contest. Winning the "Andy James Solo Contest" at his 22 and the "Kiesel Solo Contest" at his 26. Also, placing among the top 10 in different online contests. This year has appeared in the renowned Jared Dines Biggest Shred Collab 6 video among so many talented artists in the world. This year has appeared in the renowned Jared Dines Biggest Shred Collab 6 video among so many talented artists in the world. Experimenting with different branches of music has always been his passion, so he started his main project "LAMPR3A", something experimental where creativity was the main priority. "Neurocoalescence "(2017), "22:22" (2022), "ESnSE" (2023 through Art Gates Records), and he is currently working on the next LAMPR3A EP for releasing it in 2024. From February 10th to March 10th LAMPR3A will be on tour across Europe, playing with bands like Persefone, Obscura, Cynic, Hypno5e and Stellar Circuits. Nowadays, Borja has continued working on his technique, knowledge & sophisticated intervallic shredding style. He never stops studying and remodeling his guitar playing. Apart from recording guitars for other albums/projects as a session musician, touring, teaching & educating students around the globe, transcribing music, working for two Basque sound companies... he loves to help other artists to make their art happen working/producing bands in his Recording Studio (ESnSE Studios by LAMPR3A). All in all, he lives for music!

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