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Global Recovery Tag

How it works

Our industry-first Global Recovery Tag (powered by Travel Sentry's TSID and HomingPIN) gives you peace of mind while you travel, integrated in nearly 3000 airports worldwide. When a baggage handler finds your bag, they simply type in your unique tag number into their lost-and-found system and you’ll receive a text message and email. A fellow travel can also simply scan the QR code, enter the tag number, and you'll be notified immediately.
TSID service is free forever, and HomingPIN is free for one year upon activation, with renewals as a low $6.00/year per tag.
Using the anonymous tag number instead of a traditional luggage tag will also help protect your identity while you travel.


Does your bag have a Travel Sentry ID logo?

Click the logo below to register your product or report a lost item:

Note: Reporting and activation features are hosted on and fall under their Privacy Policy.


Does your bag have the HomingPIN logo?

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Register your tags today and enjoy a free year of service.
Note: Reporting and activation features are hosted on and fall under their Privacy Policy.

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