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Bruno Monello

Bruno proudly endorses:

Bruno Monello is the coordinator of one of the best music schools in Italy – Modern Music Institute in Sicily and MMI International.

He collaborates as a transcriber and teacher for the historic Italian magazine Guitar Club, writes a column entitled “guitar fitness” by focusing on the technical, articulation, melodic, and harmonic aspects of the instrument.

Bruno Monello specialized in rock and fusion guitar with expert guitarist Alex Stornello, attending the Modern Music Institute in Verona.

Thanks to Stornello’s advice and teachings Bruno developed a more unique and well-defined style, characterized especially by bebop phrasing applied rock sounds, eight fingers tapping (influenced by Daniele Gottardo), namely the technique of legato interlaced with chromatic notes, and fingerstyle on the jazz rock.

Subsequently he continued his studies by himself, listening to records of different genres, transcribing and studying the language of bebop saxophonists, hard bop, contemporary jazz (from Parker, John Coltrane and Chris Potter all) up to the rock/contemporary fusion of great musicians like Tom Quayle, Guthrie Govan, Martin Miller, Alex Hutchings, Daniele Gottardo, Nick Johnston, Plini, Aroon Marshall and others. Today, as a young teacher, he’s known in the whole country. The Guitar Club magazine dedicated several interviews and articles about him.

He studies occasionally with Martin Miller. He also studied with Daniele Gottardo harmony, improvisation and guitar techniques. Currently he is studying with the jazz saxophonist Francesco Patti, deepening concepts of harmony and jazz improvisation.

Since 2011 he plays and conducts regular workshops, clinics and master classes throughout Italy, he participates in the most important trade fairs (SHG Milan, Guitar and Friendzy), at music schools and educational workshops. He performs in clinics and demo tours as a demonstrator for various international brands on the Italian territory. He is currently the national spokesperson and endorser for brands like: D’Addario Strings, Ibanez and Gruv Gear.

During 2014-2015 he played in clinic tours throughout Italy for MMI with Andrea Martongelli, on topics spacing from bebop to metal to fusion.

In January 2016 Bruno played in a clinic tour that took him around Italy supported by Backline distributor for the brand SUHR.

In 2017 played in a new clinic tour with his friend and great player Claudio Pietronik around Italy.

Bruno has worked with Alex Stornello for almost five years actively spreading out at the national level the Modern Music Institute courses about to teach the new reality established and coordinated by Stornello with several locations on the national and international territory.

It carries live performances of rock formation and progressive, like some jazz formation.

In 2016 and 2017 he was on tour with Sanremo festival winner Francesca Alotta, and finalist of Italian tv show “Amici “ Loredana Errore.

Bruno Monello is a qualified teacher for the complemental course of the MMI Guitar Fitness, (polyphonic tapping 8 8 fingers) and improvisation on the rock/fusion.

He recorded an instructional DVD for the MMI on the development of the technique of modern legato, available to be bought on his personal Facebook profile. He also offers educational lessons via Skype.

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