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Bruno Valverde

10 years old…What can you think about someone that age?

Bruno Valverde was a boy who was beyond his years. Toys, cars, soccer, and video games were not of interest to Bruno at that age; his preferred “toy” was the drumset.

With the encouragement of his parents, Bruno began drum lessons with Lenilson Silva, a renowned drummer in São Paulo. In addition to Lenilson, Pipe Joares and Douglas Las Casas were also an influential presence in Bruno’s early musical development and growth.

Even at a young age, Bruno had much to bring to the music world and the young prodigy soon began to demonstrate his talent. In 2005, at the age of 15, he won the state competition for the Odery & Modern Drummer festival. He was the only competitor from his state to advance to the finals.

Due to his excellent performance and dedication, Bruno was invited to join the front of the drumline in one of the editions of the Bateras 100% Brasil (a cultural event from drummers) when he was 17.

Bruno’s young age was not synonymous with naivety or inexperience…

As a freelancer, Bruno participated in “The Mission Choir” (a group by singer Marcelo Gonçalves). He was also a member of the Christian band “União”, where they shared the stage with “Torture Squad” and Edu Falaschi (former member of bands “Angra” and “Almah”).

In 2011, Bruno became the official touring drummer for Germán Pascual (vocalist from the band “Narnia”). In the same year, Bruno also played with the band “Supreme” and shared the stage with Swedish band “Evergrey”.

And it does not stop there…Bruno joined the cover band “Cactus Jack” for a few years, and he is currently playing with another cover band, “Flash Mob”, several nights a month in São Paulo.

Alternating with Eloy Casagrande (of “Sepultera”), Bruno plays in the band “Yaweh” with lead singer André Leite (formerly of “Hangar”).

A highlight of his career happened at the suggestion of another expert drummer Rodrigo Oliveira (of “Korzus”) when Bruno was introduced to Kiko Loureiro (of “Angra”); one of the greatest Brazilian guitarists in the world.

The partnership was a success and Bruno was invited by Kiko Loureiro to perform at the “Stay Heavy Metal Stars” concert in 2012. This was a foreshadowing of the future project for the guitarist, which evolved to become the “Kiko Loureiro Trio”.

With Felipe Andreoli (of “Angra”) on bass, the trio was formed. The trio played in several live presentations in São Paulo in 2012. In 2013, the power trio did a Brazilian tour where they played in eight cities in eight days.

Because of the good musical chemistry amongst the trio, they recorded a series of live videos in the studio to the delight of their fans. The trio also recorded a series of videos for “Estúdio Show Livre” (a popular internet program) and for “Two Tone Sessions” (a program dedicated to musicians on YouTube, with participants such as Rafael Moreira, Ritichie Kotzen, and George Lynch).

The trio has appeared in the classic program “o Metropolis” on Cultural TV, also on the mainstream late-night show “Programa do Jô” where it was aired on national television and overseas.

And the work continues…with his rising notoriety and musical identity, Bruno has become an in-demand session player to do numerous recordings and studio work for many instrumentalists throughout Brazil and the world.

Most recently, Bruno has completed recording a full-album for Italian fusion superstar Fabrizio Bicio Leo. The album also features bassist Falvio Scopaz and keyboardist/producer Alex Argento.

Amid rehearsals and concerts, Bruno gave an interview to the Italian website Groove Portal Em.

Besides the activities inherent in his career, Bruno actively performs in concerts and workshops throughout Brazil. He also gives lessons in his studio and at Bateras Beat Drum School in São Paulo.

Between many projects, this young boy who is barely out of adolescence is already defining the music scene. The future has arrived!

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