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Federico Malaman

Federico proudly endorses:

Federico Malaman is a bass & double bass player and arranger, who graduated from the classical double bass at Conservatorio of Verona “E. Dall’ Abaco.


“Enjoy With Me” by Federico Malaman…..with Andrea Tofanelli, Vittorio Matteucci, Stefano Pisetta, Mauro Beggio, Paolo Birro, Elisabeth Geel, Roberto Manzin, Gianluca Carollo, Fabio Pupillo, Mauro Parma & more

With Paolo Belli ” A Me Mi Piace… lo swing” “Belli… dentro” “Belli e pupe” “Belli in Smoking” “Più belli di così “ & “Sorridi….e vai avanti” as bassist, pianist & arranger

“Let’s Swing” by Bobby Solo

3 CD by Rai Trade “Ballando Con Le Stelle” sold by” Sorrisi e Canzoni”

“Eternal Life” dei Capsicum Tree (feat. Stefano Di Battista, Saturnino, Red Canzian e Dodi Battaglia)

“Zoog a Jazz 3? Live (with Francesca Bertazzo, Lino Brotto, Marco Carlesso, Roberto Manzin, Bruno Cesselli)

“Royal Big Band Vol 2? Conductor Benny La Monica (Guest Carlo Atti, Luciano Milanese, Federico Malaman, Franco Testa, Angelo Adamo)

“So Cool” & “Preface To A Dream” by Elisabeth Geel

“Everyday Magic” by Ruggero Robin

“Caress” by Chris Pescosta

“Double Face” by Lanfranco Malaguti

“Five Portraits” by Marco Strano & with Bruno Cesselli Massimo Manzi

“Do It” by Vittorio Matteucci, Marco Strano, Bruno Cesselli Massimo Manzi

“In My Hands” by Roberto Dalla Vecchia

“What About The Funky” by Free Jam (Horn arrangements)

DVD of “Donne per l’Abruzzo con L’Aura e Chiara Canzian”

”Por Ahi Va La Cosa” by Roger Heredia (featuring Mike Stern, Alain Caron, Bob Franceschini, Bob Mintzer & others great stars)

”The Other End” by Martin Miller

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