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I love my Gruv Gear because it has my name on it and I can get it in my favorite color.

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LJ’s love for music and musical ability began at a very early age. At 4 months, his parents discovered that he could match pitch; his mother would sing a note and he’d sing the same note. He was an early talker saying, his first word at 6 months and by 10 months, he began singing along to songs, verbalizing a few lyrics. At this time, he began his first attempts at maintaining rhythm with beat boxing, saying, ‘dubba dubba’ to the beat.

By 13 months, he was keeping time to songs, banging his spoons at each meal. And by 15 months, he was able to identify and mimic unique syncopations and tinker on the piano in the correct key as a song was played. He got his first drum set at 18 months and the eagerness to learn and the joy from playing was astounding. In the past 4 years little Justin has been in a Cheerios commercial, featured in Drum!Magazine, appeared on The Ellen Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, was a clinician at a drum clinic and debuted his first Album, LJ’s World. His passion for drumming and music is such a joy to experience and watch.

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