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“If you play a similar instrument to mine, like a Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, or Touch Guitar, you need to check out the FretWarp. The FretWrap is like another tone control for me. My default position for it is the 2nd fret as of Sep 2019, and if I want more over tones or resonance I move it to the 1st fret. I move it up as far as the 4th to get a tight sound for some pieces. Take control of your tone 1 step further with the FretWrap!”

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Kai Kurosawa picked up the electric bass at the age of fifteen. Today his primary axe is Kūbo (aka the Aircraft Carrier); a custom 15-string instrument which he co-developed with renowned luthiers Michael & Daniel Tobias (MTD). Kai is self-taught and also self-created fresh new cutting edge musical techniques for this unique instrument. Widely considered as truly one of a kind player, he is frequently invited to teach seminars and clinics in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is consistently busy working with various bands and creative projects; genres include jazz, progressive metal, rock, pop, and electronic music. When not on tour, he also works as a producer/programmer and gives online lessons. Kai currently resides in Los Angeles.

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