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Markus Vieweg

Markus proudly endorses:

Markus is a professional bass player and an educated musician from Germany, born in the capital Berlin.

He grew up at his parent’s house and quickly found his place in the musician world, as he rocked pans and pots with chopsticks as a little child. Upon reaching the age of 11 he fell in love with the bass guitar, not bigger than the instrument itself. He liked playing the deep frequencies most of it all.

Financed by his gigs as a bassist, he graduated as a molecular biologist. He played more and more shows in Germany, Italy and Turkey becoming more famous while having recordings with Horazio “El Negro“ Hernandez, Giovanni Hidalgo and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. This led him to his current engagement with the German electro/pop band Glasperlenspiel including platinum and triple-gold records and #1-singles and albums as well as sold out tours and stadium shows.

He also endorses Eich Amps, Sandberg, Gewa Guitars, Elixir strings, Rimowa, Tech21nyc, and In-Ear.

After German pro-player Markus Vieweg released his multimedia eBook “Next Steps in BASS” in Germany over a year ago, the great success led to the idea of an international version. Now it finally happens!
This textbook differs from others: First, it deals with a lot of topics like sound, time-feel, the right feeling while playing or ear training. These subjects are often disregarded in other books. It is filled with easy-to-read and detailed explanations.

Second, as one of the first bass-books on the market, it uses all the possibilities of a digital publication. These are videos, audio files, quizzes, presentations, links, and multi-pictures.

All in all, the perfect combination to make it as easy as possible for the readers to make their own next steps in the bass.

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