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Richie Martinez



"Gear is a common thread amongst all musicians, it’s what allows us to express our musical voices. Keeping it all organized and well-taken care of is an absolute must. I’ve truly enjoyed traveling the world, knowing that all my gear was easily accessible from my Club Bag. What Gruv Gear creates is detail oriented, and well designed. Plus, have you seen how slick it all looks? From in ear monitors, to my Gameboy Color, my EDC is well maintained with Gruv Gear!"

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Drummer for the progressive rock band, Arch Echo, Richie Martinez has been a performing professional for over 12 years, and has been teaching musicians of all levels throughout his career. At his current age of 27, he has carefully crafted his skillset, toured the world, and influenced many. With an online audience of over 55,000, Richie has utilized his presence on social media to provide his viewers with valuable information, and an insight, on the perspective of the life of a professional musician.

"I desire to equip my students with the weapons necessary to be successful in this constant, uphill battle that is life. Many times, I find myself sharing personal experiences in hopes of inspiring others, not simply demonstrating the sticking behind a rudiment. To me, education is far deeper than patterns and technique; it's closely tied to developing strong, independent minds. We must learn to think, and think critically."

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