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Yves Carbonne


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Yves proudly endorses:

Yves Carbonne is a French artist, bass, contrabass and sub-bass guitarist. He is also a composer, arranger and producer.

He is known all over the world for his pioneering work with 8, 10 & 12-string fretless basses, as well as his original use of the 2-string bass. His latest project is an acoustic bass built by Nico Dayet, an instrument that can rival a double bass both in tone and volume.

His new album, "Tales of the Reconstruction" (June 2023), is a collection of 12 original compositions with guests Camélia Ben Naceur (keyboards), Randy Bernsen (guitar), Freddy Buzon (trumpet), Stéphane Edouard ( percussion, vocals), Christophe Monniot (baritone saxophone) and Joris Seguin (drums, percussion). The Parisian release party took place on November 10, 2023 at the Triton. The Bordeaux release party took place on November 30, 2023 at Rocher de Palmer.

Yves Carbonne was born May 23, 1967 in Auch (Gers - South of France) and grew up close to Bordeaux, France. Yves' parents are not musicians but offered him some piano lessons when he was 7. Because his old brother was playing guitar, he wanted to play with him so he began studying electric bass at 13 and upright bass at 15. First he was an autodidact; then he took some private lessons with Jack Tocah and later with Tony Ballester, Laurent Cokelaere, Alain Caron and Dominique Di Piazza.

He became a professional musician at 17.

For more than twenty years, Yves has worked with the great luthiers Christian Noguera and Jerzy Drozd to develop his unique vision of the bass guitar. From those collaborations, the sub-bass was born. It's a bass guitar that tuned one octave lower than a standard one. Yves created the sub-bass concept in 2003, with the help of La Bella strings. Yves plays all kinds of bass guitars. Of course, he still loves to play 4-string bass guitars and enjoys to collect vintage left-handed Fender Jazz Basses.

He recently developed a 2-string bass with Jon Letts and a 5-string with François Payen.

Yves frequently uses spectacular instruments for new sonorities to compose and record soulful music that includes a lot of improvisation. Although sophisticated, this music is appreciated by a large audience.

Yves taught at the PESMD Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine from 2018 to 2021 as a bass teacher for the preparation for the DE de musique actuelle.

Yves’ first album “Seven Waves” (2007) is a bass & voice project with singer Guillaume Eyango. This project also includes Michael Manring (bass), Laurent Maur (Harmonica), Roger Biwandu (drums and tambourine) & Antony Breyer (drums). The music of this album is an original mix of soul, jazz, funk and relaxation/ meditation with an unusual use of bass guitars.

"Seven Waves" is a very melodic album, not only for musicians but for everybody.

Yves’ second album "A Life" (Dec 2009) with Guillaume Eyango, Laurent Maur, Roger Biwandu & Antony Breyer features jazz phenomenon Marcus Miller (bass) playing on the track "New Love."

His third album, “Beyond The Waves” (Jan. 2019), is an instrumental recording. This album includes 14 Yves’ original compositions dedicated to bass sounds, from the minimalist 2-string bass to the full- range 12-string fretless sub-bass, with guests Roger Biwandu (drums and tambourine), François Constantin (percussions), Jean- Marie Ecay (guitar) and Hadrien Feraud (bass).

Yves has also recorded in 2005 a bass trio album with bass virtuosos Michael Manring and Dominique Di Piazza – “Carbonne Di Piazza Manring”.

Yves has played with (not limited to)
Patrick Auzier, Claude Barthelemy, Erik Baron, Laurent Bataille, Jean Baudin, Camélia Ben Naceur, Randy Bernsen, Roger Biwandu, Mao Blanc, Jean Bonal, Bruno Bongarçon, Freddy Bournane, Francis Bourrec, Bernard Branquard, Antony Breyer, Uri Caine, Bertrand Cantat, Alain Caron, Edo Castro, Denis Charolles, Bruno Chevillon, Manu Codjia, François Constantin, François Corneloup, Larry Coryell, Jean Courtioux, Stephane Deriau-Reine, Jacques Di Donato, Dominique Di Piazza, Philippe Drouillard, Jean-Marie Ecay, Stéphane Edouard, Thierry Eliez, Guillaume Eyango, Hadrien Feraud, Frédéric Favarel, Glenn Ferris, Nicolas Filiatreau, Lionel Fortin, Arnaud Fusté-Lambezat, Mel Gaynor, Denis Gouzil, Lisbeth Guldbaek, Fabien Haimovici, Richard Hertel, Antoine Hervé, Daniel Humair, Olivier Hutman, Frédéric Jacquemin, Jef Lee Johnson, Sylvain Kassap, Dave Kikoski, György Kurtag, Francis Lassus, Paco El Lobo, Yoan Loustalot, Bernard Lubat, Thierry Lujan, Sylvain Luc, Francis Marmande, Michael Manring, Laurent Maur, Marcus Miller, Bernard Maury, Stewart McKinsey, André Minvielle, Jean-Yves Moka, Christophe Monniot, Serge Moulinier, Hermeto Pascoal, Nazaré Pereira, Michel Portal, Guillermo Roatta, Tony Rabeson, Yves Robert, Laurent Robin, Yoann Scheidt, Archie Schepp, Rémi Sciuto, Louis Sclavis, Joris Seguin, Henry Texier, François Thuillier, Rhonny Vantat, Virginia Vee, Fabrice Viera, Christian Vieussens, Trip Wansley & Stokley Williams.

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