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Gruv Gear Artist Christopher Bolte From Germany Releasing New Album "Push"

Eclectic, diverse, honest. “The Push” is a snapshot of Christopher’s mind at this point in time. Out of college and on the verge of emigrating, 2016 and 2017 have been intense years for him in all respects and it is clearly evident in this record.
“The Push” navigates a colorful spectrum of musical genres and influences on a canvas of intricate instrumentals filled with both electronic and acoustic instruments, musically re-purposed everyday objects, lyrical bass playing, and the story of discovering one’s innermost feelings, fears, and ambitions.
Honest and vulnerable, yet playful and confident - the songs on “The Push” show a clear artistic direction and the urge to tell a rather melancholic story without being compromised by staying in a singular musical genre.
Throughout the album, one can hear influences from musicians such as Taylor McFerrin, Jean Michel Jarre, Pharrell, Victor Wooten, Derrick Hodge, Robert Glasper, and many others.
The songs “Let Me Go” and “Oblivion” have returned from his first solo single released in 2015 but have been reworked to give them a new feel and a more clear direction that is in line with the rest of the album. While the first half of the album could generally be described as more upbeat and optimistic, by track #7, this feeling gives way to a more melancholic kind of storytelling culminating in the final track of the album: An emotionally charged cover of Little Dragon’s famous song “Twice” where Chris is again joined by long-time collaborator Ella O’Brien-Coker on Vocals.
With its wide sonic landscape, sampled vocal fragments and a lyrical bass solo against an ever repeating chord progresson, “Twice” closes out the album with an honest and deeply personal narrative.
The feeling that the “The Push” conveys is ev- ident in the title itself. It is about the urge to get out, to go on, to pursue, to make it happen - and it is about the times were we get stuck, when something doesn’t go to plan. In any case, “The Push” is an ode to moving forward.
/ how it came to be
my personal perspective
Over the last couple of years, I’ve realized for myself that my best decisions tend to be those ones that were emotional. After having tried to rationally sketch out an album that would repre- sent me multiple times over, I would always end up at a point where I realized that what I’ve written or recorded didn’t really represent like what I felt I wanted to express. Thus, numerous concepts for EPs and albums of mine ended up in the drawer of purgatory.
It was in the spring of 2017, when I just reestablished my routine of regularly making beats and just experimenting freely, that I realized that this was actually a true expression of my musical self at that time.
This crucial push was what actually motivated me to go all the way this time and MAKE the al- bum that captures where and who I am right now.
This album shows me freeing myself of my own musical inhibitions and reaching out beyond my comfort zone. It represents me striving to find a way of expressing myself without the self imposed burden of trying to please other musicians or creating something just to push out content.
I didn’t set out to make a “bass album”. I wanted to create an album that allows me to tell my story without inhibitions - without trying to please. “The Push” is an honest, passionate, snapshot of who I am musically and as a person.
Official release date: May 20th, 2018
Announcement: May 13th, 2018
Pre-ordering goes live on May 13th on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play Music.
/ credits
Christopher Bolte - Bass, Synths, Percussion, Guitar, Programming
Ella O Brien Coker - Vocals (6, 8, 10)
Leon Raum - Drums (2, 3)
Olive Yahh (Relaén) - Piano (4)
Gregor Lener - Trumpet (4)
All pieces written by Christopher Bolte with the exception of the following: “Let me go” and “Oblivion” written by Ella O’Brien- Coker and Christopher Bolte “Twice” written by Little Dragon / Yukimi Nagano
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Christopher Bolte at Timbre Recording Studios in Bueckeburg, Germany.
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