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Gruv Gear Welcomes Bassist Igor Saavedra from Chile As Artist Endorser

California music accessories brand Gruv Gear is proud to feature Bassist Igor Saavedra. Igor is part of a family of prominent world-class musicians that heartily endorse Gruv Gear products.

Born and raised as a bassist in South America (Chile) at 22 years old. Considered by the most prestigious critics as an ambassador of the authentic South American bass culture and one of the world’s most innovative, respected, influential & virtuoso bassists, granting him as being a Pioneer of the 8-String Bass (since 1999) & one of the absolute Masters on the Extended Range Basses field. Well Known for not using any knobs or effect/volume pedals, relying only on his hands for all the sound variations. Created the Mic Ramp & The Revolutionary VST right hand technique. He has performed solo concerts and Master Classes in Germany, UK, USA, Italy, Poland, Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile & more. On 2011 was the 1st South American bassist to be featured at the Bass Player Live, the most prestigious US Bass Show, sharing the famous BPL All-Star Jam with the bassists for The Rolling Stones, Megadeth, Metallica, Chic Corea, Earth Wind & Fire. On 2013 was also the 1st South American bassist to be featured at The London Bass Guitar Show (Europe’s biggest) sharing the credits with the bassists for Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Megadeth & New Order.

Due to his rewarding career along with Octavius his famous 8-String Bass, he has been Featured on CNN and has had extended newspaper coverage, being Published, Interviewed and Cover Featured in almost 100 of the world’s most prestigious bass magazines, such as Bass Player Mag. (US), Bass Guitar Mag. (UK), Bass Musician Mag. (US), Bass Professor (Germany), Bajos y Bajistas (Spain), For Bass Players Only (US), Bajista (Spain), Linha de Frente (Brazil),Basista (Poland). On 2007 publishes Applied Rhythmic for Bass Vol.1, the 1st of his bass book trilogy under Jc Sáez publishing, named “Library Consultation Material” by The Faculty of Percussion of the Catholic University, the most prestigious in Chile. Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 are about to be released.

He has already performed with many of the greats: David Garfield (Toto, George Benson), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Lee Sklar (Phil Collins), Danny Gottlieb (Pat Metheny), Damien Schmitt (Jean Luc Ponty), Bob Sheppard (Chick Corea), Fareed Haque (Sting), Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Christina Aguilera, Santana), James Gadson (Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock), John Ferraro (Eddie Van Halen), Miucha Buarque (Bossa Diva) and many more. He’s actually being sponsored by the most prestigious brands in the bass and music field which are shown on this site’s Gear page. From 2013 the international demand for Concerts & Master Classes consolidates, the best part of his career is just beginning.


About Gruv Gear:
Gruv Gear exists to bring innovative and well-thought out products to creative professionals and beyond, including career musicians, DJs, photographers, filmmakers, mobile producers and more. The company is on- track not only to become a premium lifestyle accessories brand in the Music/DJ and Photo Industries, which is a small fraction of its potential market, but also expand to a broader range of industries that will increase its global footprint exponentially. To date, Gruv Gear products are sold in 5 continents and shipped directly to adoring fans worldwide.

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