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Gruv Gear’s GigBlade, a Revolutionary Approach to Carrying Guitars, Set to Launch Via Kickstarter

California-based Gruv Gear, designer and manufacturer of innovative utility gear and accessories for musicians, introduces the new GigBlade, an ergonomic and user-friendly side- carry guitar and bass gig bag. Debuting to the world at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) international music products tradeshow on January 23-26, 2014, the GigBlade is the world’s first guitar/bass case designed to be a carried laterally along the user’s side, resulting in notable comfort and usability improvements over conventional backpack style gig bags.

The norm is challenged once again in typical Gruv Gear fashion. Traditional hard-shell cases have great protection for travel, but are bulky, heavy and not very comfortable to lug around. Soft gig bags usually come in a backpack or sling configuration, are much more comfortable to carry around your body, and usually constructed with lighter materials, so generally people have been willing to sacrifice some protection for comfort. While most new guitar bag designs on pockets, improving protection, adding bells and whistles, etc. the GigBlade’s primary focus was to improve on how the bag is worn and carried.

Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear and inventor of the GigBlade, shares, “I’m very excited about finally launching the GigBlade, and offering it first on Kickstarter to guitarists and bassists at very attractive pricing. I believe we’ve come up with something very special and unique here – a streamlined, no-nonsense gig bag that is quicker to put on, never sticks out above your head, has a lower center of gravity for better balance, and feels more natural to walk with. You can switch from the quick top-load access to a traditional clamshell method with a flick of a tab, offering the ultimate versatility to access your guitar. We also designed the shape around the user which gave the GigBlade a very unique look.”

The GigBlade’s external features are designed symmetrically and can be worn on either the left or right shoulder, with ample storage on both sides. The prominent large top pocket proved to be a handy location for smaller items like tuners, pedals, picks, in-ear monitors, spare batteries and tools. Another unique feature in this patent-pending bag is its StrapFlat(TM) storage area, keeping guitar straps stored without being folded or rolled, helping extend the life of guitar straps. Resilient padding throughout protects the instrument itself, and removable contoured foam blocks at the critical bottom and the neck areas cushion the guitar from vertical and lateral shock. The GigBlade also offers several other carrying options including a quiver-style sling, as a cross- back sling, and as a traditional backpack style with an optional 2nd strap.

Gruv Gear plans to have the GigBlade Kickstarter page available for NAMM attendees to pre-order on the spot via an iPad kiosk, and simultaneously for the rest of the world to join in the 30-day campaign. Estimate availability and first production delivery is June 2014 or earlier.

For more information on Gruv Gear and its thoughtful line of music accessories, visit www.gruvgear.com. To learn more about the GigBlade campaign on Kickstarter, visit www.gigblade.com.

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