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Gruv Gear DuoStrap Earns Major Endorsement from Internationally Renowned Health Expert

p>Bassists and guitarists play in comfort as the world's first professionally-tested ergonomic double guitar strap hit the market last January 2012. Internationally renowned health expert and bass player Dr. Randall Kertz provides official endorsement of Gruv Gear's DuoStrap Signature after conducting comprehensive hands-on study.

With the release of DuoStrap Signature earlier in the year, Gruv Gear solidifies its street credibility as an innovator in the music industry. The California-based music accessories designer and manufacturer created the patent-pending ergonomic double strap and continues to gain major endorsement from world renowned musicians and health experts. Recently, internationally recognized chiropractic physician and published author, Dr. Randall Kertz gave his official recommendation for the DuoStrap.

Dr. Kertz, in collaboration with Gruv Gear, recently shot a series of videos demonstrating how the DuoStrap can prevent injuries and alleviate pain. Dr. Kertz notes, "As a player and practitioner, when a product comes out that is geared towards helping musicians to stay healthy and avoid injuries, I like to take notice of it. So I am particularly pleased to talk about the DuoStrap as it fulfills all of these requirements."

In an independent product evaluation, Dr. Kertz found that DuoStrap’s design provides proper support for the back, neck and shoulders, and distributing the weight evenly. Dr. Kertz said using this latest innovation may reduce injuries bassists and guitarists sustain while performing or practicing, particularly while wearing the instrument for long stretches of time. The DuoStrap Signature is a 3.5-inch adjustable leather double strap designed for the comfort and well-being of guitar enthusiasts.

Dr. Kertz discovered that with the DuoStrap’s fit, bassists and guitarists could place their instrument at the ideal, comfortable playing position. Other double straps have been attempted before, but all have offered less- than-ideal playing positions when worn. Having the instrument at a proper height and natural angle, as the DuoStrap allows, promotes healthy posture, better circulation, and reduced fatigue.

Like most inventions, the DuoStrap was created out of necessity. Damian Erskine conceived the idea around 2006. Erskine recalls his experience with other straps, “We played 4-6 nights a week. Most shows were about 4 hours long. I was using a new 6-string bass that was heavier than what I was accustomed to. I noticed that my fingers were going numb because of the pressure my old strap was putting on my neck. On top of that, my back and shoulders were getting sore each night we played. After a few weeks of buying straps, strips of leather, foam and rivets and trying every possible configuration I could think of, I came upon this double strap design.”

Erskine eventually collaborated with Gruv Gear to make his design a reality. After being satisfied with their joint effort, the two presented the DuoStrap Signature at one of the largest international music products trade shows in the world, the 2012 NAMM Show.

Since its launch, Gruv Gear's DuoStrap has been attracting a lot of attention and buzz from legendary bass players Mike McKinney (wrote for and toured with several music celebrities such as Michael Jackson) and David Dyson (Pieces of a Dream, Lalah Hathaway, Jonathan Butler, New Kids On The Block, George Duke). McKinney, Dyson, and other professional musicians who have had their hands on the product could not help but rave about its ergonomic design and were excited to give their official endorsements.

To learn more about DuoStrap and Gruv Gear's fine line of music accessories, check out www.gruvgear.com. Dr. Kertz’s video series on the benefits of the DuoStrap can be viewed at www.youtube.com/gruvgear.

The DuoStrap Signature is now available on Gruv Gear's official website and at premium retail dealers globally.


About Gruv Gear
Gruv Gear designs and builds a successful line of innovative utility gear and accessories that make life easier for creative professionals and beyond, including career musicians, DJs, photographers, filmmakers, mobile producers and more. Founded by a musician and product designer, the California-based company has been seeing tremendous forward momentum and widespread acclaims in a very short time, with global patents pending for its current innovations and more game-changing products slated for this year and beyond.

About Dr. Randall Kertz
Dr. Randall Kertz, D.C. is a board-certified chiropractic physician. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and graduated from the National College of Chiropractic. He specializes in the treatment of musicians' injuries. He is a recognized health expert and respected columnist for industry magazines/websites such as
Bass Musician Magazine and No Treble. He is an accomplished speaker on the subject of injury prevention and sought after by musicians worldwide. He has an extensive practice in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

After the critical success of his book "The Bassists Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health ," featuring advice and exercises by top bassists such as Steve Bailey and multi-Grammy recipient Victor Wooten, Dr. Kertz has released an expanded new edition with additional information for double bassists and interviews and advice from award-winning bassists Esperanza Spalding, John Clayton, Lemmy, and Chuck Rainey.

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