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Brent-Anthony Johnson reviews the V-Cart Solo on ShoutLife

The incredible design team at Gruv Gear have created an incredibly versatile transport cart in the innovative GRUV GEAR V-CART SOLO. This "dolly on steroids" might be the most versatile and easy-to-use personal musician specific gear transporter ever designed! Gruv Gear proprietor, Jay Baldemor, comments that the V-Cart Solo was designed from the ground up, and the unit features several patent-pending features with intense focus on ergonomics, stability and sturdiness.

Upon opening the box that contained my much-anticipated V-Cart Solo, I was struck by the cart's eye-popping beauty (black with orange wheel appointments. Yeah!) I couldn't wait to begin hauling my gear to-and-from several gigs and sessions that regularly sit poised on my roster!

The very first use of the V-Cart Solo proved to be worth the short wait and worth the unit's weight in gold! I have never experienced such ease of use or a more well thought-out transporting device! My favorite feature of the V-Cart is the multi-positional handle that allowed me to deploy the unit several different ways! If you have gear to carry? you really need this invaluable accessory!

Since employing the wonderful V-Cart Solo, I've been able to cut my set-up and teardown times by more than 50%, while sparing the wear-and-tear on both my gear and my back! I often carry 2 instruments (fretted and fretless) and a small peddle board and a small rack along with a cabinet, and the V-Cart allows me to make a single trip into (and out of) the small and mid-sized rooms I regularly play! YEAH! The 3 drummers I play with regularly have shown more than a passing interests in this classy, sturdy, and smooth-running unit! I haven't dreaded schlepping my gear since the arrival of the V-Cart Solo, and I can maneuver the unit with just one hand - thanks to the unit's incredible design and it's solid and reliable performance! Gruv Gear has really gotten it right!

Here are the 3 ways you can transport your gear with the V-Cart Solo:

"Classic Dolly" Mode
This is the most common "Forward" mode and nobody does it better than the V-Cart Solo! This is the mode to use if you're making multiple trips from your vehicle, or if you have short stairs to climb! I have been able to go right from "Classic" mode to "V" mode in a few seconds! You simply will not believe how you've gotten along with your V-Cart Solo!

"V" Mode
This most maneuverable mode allows you to weave through crowds and enter tight elevators while pulling your heavy gear! In this mode, the unit has ideal balance and handling - while providing a near-perfect foundation for speaker cabinets and rack mount gear.

"Flat Platform" Mode
This mode is most appropriate for those gigs when a small combo amp will suffice! In this position, the foundation of the cart "doubles" and eliminates any weak points of contact for gear, while providing a sound wheelbase. Here, the former "dolly tray" becomes a supporting bookend - holding your gear in place as you travel! As in "V Mode", Flat Mode runs very smooth and steering the unit takes little more than a sense of purpose!

For additional technical information and product specs, please visit www.gruvgear.com

Brent-Anthony Johnson (BAJ)

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