Announcing Gruv Gear's New Reseller In Bolivia

Announcing Gruv Gear's New Reseller In Bolivia

May 29, 2018


(Orange County, CA) California-based Gruv Gear, designer and manufacturer of the ground-breaking FretWraps is proud to announce new dealership arrangement with Don Bolivia, adding even more variety to their growing selection of musical instruments and accessories.

Don Bolivia is a company that cares about Bolivian artists. It was established in 2016 by two young and quite ambitious Bolivians.

Don Bolivia´s kick off was the representation of Marcus Miller by Sire basses. Later on, the company started growing with names like Elixir Strings, EBS Professional Bass Equipment, Tokai Guitars, and now the incredible products made by Gruv Gear.

"Gruv Gear fits perfectly in Bolivian´s market because we now have high quality accessories for our artists," shares Ever F. Jimenez, Sales Manager with Don Bolivia.

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