MTD FretWraps


The perfect accessory for a legendary bass.

The professional string dampener accessory that players globally have grown to love is now available in an officially licensed MTD version! Enjoy the same simple and effective muting capabilities of FretWraps on your MTD bass, designed for your 4, 5, 6 and 7-string instruments. Reviewed and approved by Mike himself, and is now a standard included accessory with every MTD American bass shipped in 2013 and beyond. Current MTD owners get your MTD FretWraps here!

Mike attests to the value the FretWraps bring to players, saying, "This is a great product. Simple, cool and very effective."

Read the official press release here

MTD FretWraps come in 3-packs of the following sizes:

SM - Fits 4-string MTD basses, MTD guitars
MD - Fits 5-string MTD basses
LG - Fits 6- & 7-string MTD basses

Exclusively licensed by Michael Tobias Design®


"This is a great product. Simple, cool and very effective."


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