MTD FretWraps


The perfect accessory for a legendary bass.

The professional string dampener accessory that players globally have grown to love is now available in an officially licensed MTD version! Enjoy the same simple and effective muting capabilities of FretWraps on your MTD bass, designed for your 4, 5, 6 and 7-string instruments. Reviewed and approved by Mike himself, and is now a standard included accessory with every MTD American bass shipped in 2013 and beyond. Current MTD owners get your MTD FretWraps here!

Mike attests to the value the FretWraps bring to players, saying, "This is a great product. Simple, cool and very effective."

Read the official press release here

MTD FretWraps come in 3-packs of the following sizes:

SM - Fits 4-string MTD basses, MTD guitars
MD - Fits 5-string MTD basses
LG - Fits 6- & 7-string MTD basses

Exclusively licensed by Michael Tobias Design®


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Duane S.
United States

FretWraps for 7 String Bass

Before using the FretWraps, I was having trouble with sympathetic vibrations taking off because I could not mute all 7 strings with the heal of my hand, and play what I wanted to at the same time. The Fretwraps immediately solved the problem of the sympathetic vibration, and freed my hand up for more fluid motion do what ear wanted my hand and fingers to do.

MTD FretWrapsMTD FretWraps
Vince W.

Five Stars

Works great!


Five Stars

Great for your MTD basses

G. Conner

Works better than hair-ties, is more convenient too.

Studio guitarists and bassists have been dampening strings for as long as I can remember. Nowadays because of YouTube and the prevalence of uber-technicians like Guthrie Govan, many more guitarists are catching on to these old tricks. You might find videos of him or others who use hair-ties to mute strings. Mutes are particularly useful for beginners who have problems muting strings while practicing. Pro players use mutes when doing two-handed tapping or crazy fast and long legato passages. So, if a guitar god like Guthrie can use a mute, there is no shame in us mortals using them too. Over the last fifty years, I have tried every string-mute their is: Herb Ellis's expensive contraption, Emily Remler's slightly less expensive contraption. Both of those work wonderfully, but they require mounting to your guitar and they are expensive. I have also tried a huge number of rubber & foam pads, socks, tape, felt, velcro, leathers, sponges, gels, violin mutes, modified capos.... you name it. Of all the doohickeys for muting strings, this is the most convenient because you can attach it AFTER you put your strings on. Just like a hair-tie, there is no modification to your guitar. Also, you can adjust it easily for partial muting, or move it up the neck for more severe muting. If you really have a problem with those pesky open strings, you can use two. That will kill any unwanted vibration. That is a good thing to know for the manifold legions of distortion-crazed metal-heads out there. Modern amps and effects pedals make electric guitars so sensitive, you can literally breathe on the strings and they will vibrate. These are not exactly cheap but I would not say they are prohibitively expensive either. It would be nice if we could buy just ONE. That would bring the price down a bit. As it is, I keep one in a gig bag in case I have to do some terrifying shredding to impress youngsters or other cases of arrested development. Certain session gigs might require a technically-challenging passage and I don't want to be the guy who makes everyone do a second take. So it's nice insurance to keep these handy. The extras I give to students or just make them use so I don't have to hear their slop. If they were less expensive or we could buy just one, I'd rate this five stars.

Michael D.


It seems odd to me that they have to sell three to a pack and sell them in different sizes when a 'one-size-fits all' doesn't seem like it should be that hard to design. It does mute the strings a bit more evenly than the trusty old hair tie or a sock, but like other mutes it can be tricky to find that balance between softening sympathetic vibrations and just muting strings. I do like them, but as long as they're going to sell them in different sizes I'd prefer to be able to buy them individually, since I have a six, seven, and eight string guitar. It's better than a hair tie (mainly for the hassle-free attachment), but $25 better? Ehhhh...

"This is a great product. Simple, cool and very effective."


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