DuoStrap Neo™


Proven comfort. At a more comfortable price.

This is what you've been waiting for: The DuoStrap Neo is our answer to the search for the most comfortable, ergonomically-correct, AND affordable guitar and bass strap. Endorsed by professionals including Dr. Randall Kertz, renowned chiropractor and physician, the DuoStrap's patent-pending balanced weight distribution offers unmatched comfort like its Signature counterpart, thoughtfully constructed with synthetic materials! Significantly reduces shoulder pain and strain while keeping a natural and comfortable playing position.

The DuoStrap Neo comes in all-black 3.25" wide soft-rolled neoprene, with lengths adjustable from 33" to 44" and an extra-long option that brings the total usable length to 51".

RECOMMENDED: Download and review the setup instructions before ordering.

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Bronson G.
United States

Great strap

It took a little trial and error to get it sitting just right, but once I got the balance right it’s great. Took a lot of strain off of my left shoulder. No more back pain after standing on long gigs!


useless without a good instruction manual and videos

I'm pretty disappointed in this product. after 3 hours of trying to get this thing working my guitarneck was still hanging 90 degrees towards the sky. The manual is talking about main strap and tail piece. Witch is witch remains unknown. They both seem too short to hang around your shoulders. No holes on both straps fit actually round your guitar, only when your very, very brutal with it, you can get them 3/4 over your guitar strapholder. Except for one bigger screw, the rest seems to be fixed screws. How to adjust anything on this thing is a complete mistery to me. Nowhere on the internet i could find a useful instruction video, that goes to the process step by step. This may be a good product, but not for the normal guy. Without guidance, you need to be a engineer of some sort to get this right. Pitty...

Paul S

Tail is too short

My wife bought this for me for Christmas because I have nerve damage in my left shoulder, and she thought this would help ease my pain. Adjusting this thing is a huge pain, but it would be worth it if it fit well. Unfortunately the tail strap is so short, that I can’t position my bass where I would like it. I don’t wear mine under my chin, I keep it with the bottom near waist level, but with the tail strap that’s included, not even close to possible. Not sure why the extended tail is not standard, annoying that I have to pay another $10 and wait to get it before this is even usable. I think a standard tail loop would have been fine, the overengineering with the screws seems pointless.

Carlo Tapia

Faux leather tips quality on neo

Hi guys, just wanted to say after a couple of years use, the faux leather tips' black surface has been peeling, along with its glue. I have been happy with the product, though I wanted to address this issue and ask if the quality has changed or still the same? I also have the leather version which is a lot older than my neo and is still perfect. Wanted to replace my old neo but wanted to ask this question before buying. Thanks.

Tom W.

Duo Strap for Guitar

The strap itself is constructed well, but the documentation is extremely weak. It illustrates how to hook it up for a two-horned bass, but good luck with a single horn guitar. Victoria at the Factory is very kind and helpful, but there is no back up or explanation/illustration for the single horn guitar. Very frustrating. You MUST have the tension strap…and the extra long tail to make it work, so, it turns out to be the worlds most expensive guitar strap

Tom W. verified customer review of DuoStrap Neo™

"There’s nothing worse than when the shoulder ache sets in at a covers gig after hour two of playing, but thankfully the DuoStrap is perfect for anyone playing for hours on end. The dreams of playing your hefty Les Paul Custom live are now a reality without the fear of putting your back out."



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