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Introducing Recoil, the official signature strap designed and developed with David Ellefson, bassist for the Grammy-winning band Megadeth. Based on Gruv Gear's popular SoloStrap Neo, this exclusive new design features unique front and back adjustments for optimal positioning, a phenomenal length range of 37.5" to 63.5", vegan-friendly faux leather + neoprene construction for unmatched comfort, and custom fallout logo metal rivets. Ergonomically tested and approved by world-renowned health expert Dr. Randall Kertz.

Review on Bass Player Magazine (June 2018 issue) ↗️

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Well-made strap but ambitious claims

I ordered 2 of the Ellefson straps for my Spector and Warwick basses. The straps themselves are great, sturdy and comfortable. My main interest in ordering this product was the claim that you could adjust the length at any time, song-to-song on a performance. This feature proves to be quite tricky and fidgety, definitely not something I would attempt in front of a crowd the same as I wouldn't change the battery in my preamp. Sure, it would be easy enough and it's easier then any other strap I've seen, but it is in no way as smooth as Ellefson alludes to in his NAMM demos. Wait for break time, change it between sets and then you're ready to roll. In truth, this is a 5 star product. I have reviewed at 4 stars simply so that my feedback stands out and prevents anyone else from being surprised like I was.

Lee H.
United Kingdom

Recoil Brilliance

Loving the Recoil strap. So comfortable and well made. A practical solution too!

Mark M.
United States

Very Comfortable...But...

I love the comfort and weight distribution of this strap, however, after just a couple of minutes of use I noticed that one of the small "rivets" had popped of of the strap due to the threads being stripped...I'm not a perfectionist but considering the cost of this strap, I would expect higher standards of quality from the manufacturer. Please feel free to send me some extra "rivets", as I can tell that the others won't hold up for long and I would be nice to have some replacements...Mark "Doc" Mackey

Monroe A.
United States

Highly Recommended!

Although I haven't used this strap in a gig yet I have been using at home and find it very comfortable. Easily adjusted to my perfect height.and feels secure on my bass.. I also like that there is no extra strap length hanging past the strap pin giving a really clean look. Overtime I will have one for all my basses.

Prince R.
United States

Recoil Rocks!

Just like my other GG strap, but the front strap adjustment is great for finetuning. Very comfortable!

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