DuoStrap Neo™


Proven comfort. At a more comfortable price.

This is what you've been waiting for: The DuoStrap Neo is our answer to the search for the most comfortable, ergonomically-correct, AND affordable guitar and bass strap. Endorsed by professionals including Dr. Randall Kertz, renowned chiropractor and physician, the DuoStrap's patent-pending balanced weight distribution offers unmatched comfort like its Signature counterpart, thoughtfully constructed with synthetic materials! Significantly reduces shoulder pain and strain while keeping a natural and comfortable playing position.

The DuoStrap Neo comes in all-black 3.25" wide soft-rolled neoprene, with lengths adjustable from 33" to 44" and an extra-long option that brings the total usable length to 51".

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Pamela C.

Comfy but short lenght adjustment

I find this strap comfy and it reduces back and shoulder pain. The inconvenience is that the strap has short lenght adjustment. If you are small and wear your bass high it's ok. It fits well for me. However my boyfriend (who is also a bass player) is 250lbs and would have prefered to have longer lenght adjustment so you can play without having your bass under your chin :P Great quality though

Stefan W.

A quantumn leap ahead

I've used traditional straps for years now and am coming to the age that I'm beginning to feel a few aches and pains. Normal straps put most of the weight of your bass on one side right-handers like me on the left) and your body compensates for that by building more muscle on that side. The duo-strap balances the load. After 3 months the difference is massive and I am a lot more comfortable after a long spell, and the niggling pain I would get any old time has gone. The fact the bass also sits so firmly is just a bonus.

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