Fump™ Bridge-Side Dampener


Palm-muted bass tone. Minus the palm.

Free up your muting palm and discover a new path to the old school. The Fump is a simple muting device that slides over the strings against the bridge of your 4- or 5-string electric bass to instantly recreate that sweet staccato sound - without using your palm!

The Fump was born as a natural step following the wild success of our FretWraps, and from numerous requests from players like you. If you've ever stuffed foam under the strings to try to achieve that coveted "old school" muted or upright tone, then you might give the Fump a try! While we definitely encourage mastering proper palm muting, the Fump simply opens up possibilities to discover new techniques and gives your hands the freedom to "dig in."

A few things to note:

  • Works best when string fingerboard setup has little to no radius
  • Takes only a second to slide on or off, unlike the old cut foam solution
  • Clips onto your strap or music stand when not in use
  • Has no moving parts
  • Can be inserted from top or bottom
  • Requires only a 1" (2.5 cm) of space between pickup and bridge
  • Replaceable muting materials

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    Victor L.

    Fump™ Bridge-Side Dampener

    I loved my first purchase of FUMP so much that I ordered and received the second one at a discounted price. Highly recommend to all bass players.

    Victor L.

    Fump™ Bridge-Side Dampener - A must for every Bassplayer

    A real good Motown tone of James Jameson; keeps your hands free to enable you to be more creative on the bass.

    Electric S.

    What Gruv Gear Doesn't Tell You

    The fump is just ok. A great concept that was only half thought-out. Here's why: 1. If your bridge and bridge pickup are too close together, the fump won't sit right. It will sit crooked on on either the bridge or the screws of the bridge pickup creating an uneven sound. 2. The material inside is a Velcro-like material. This is confusing because every bass player in the last 20 years have been using scrunchy hair ties or foam tucked under their strings near the bridge. I've never seen a bass player using Velcro, so this is an odd choice. 3. The Motown, James Jamerson, tone you're after just isn't here. You know, the thick notes that cut off quickly, giving the impression of a percussive staccato. Again, the Velcro is the problem. Light at the end of the tunnel? Yes. The fump is well-made, definitely constructed well, and the handy design makes it great, with some "hacking". The fump is held together by a single common screw so If you're up for it, you can unscrew the halves , peel the low-quality Velcro away (Velcro is glued down and surprisingly easy to peel away), and insert your own thin foam. I've done this and only now does it work as advertised. Deep rich percussive notes with zero overtones. So, The fump is a highly conditional purchasI that might work for you depending on your bass build and if the velcro-like material drives you nuts or not.

    John S.

    Easy and fast to install

    The Fump is easy and fast to use. It definitely mutes yours strings, but sometimes it's a bit too much muting for me as I find it really deadens the strings. If that's the sound you want then this is a great choice. If you want more subtle muting, then you may find this overkill.

    Omar P.

    THE FUMP!!!

    Ok!! One word!! AMAZING!!! Wanna get that nice muted or upright sound (depending on what technique you use) Then you NEED this! This semi-mutes you strings, and what you can do?! Is endless (depending on you imagination) I've been able to get an upright sound out of my bass and have gotten so many compliments on my sound. All, thanks to the Fump!!

    "If you want your bass to thump without the hassle of taking an ugly piece of sponge or struggling taking out or put in a piece of foam every time you need to get "that sound"...this is exactly what you need. Well made, easy to use. Highly recommended."

    Customer, NYC

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