World's Most Advanced Travel Guitar Bag

Musicians, your travel experience is about to be revolutionized! Forget about lugging heavy and awkward cases, or putting your precious instrument at risk with soft bags. The Kapsule is a sleek, wearable, rollable, and tech-loaded "all-in-one" musician's luggage!

Estimated shipping: October/November 2019

Kapsule fuses the benefits of hard and soft guitar bags to revolutionize travel for musicians!

  • ✔ Hard case level protection
  • ✔ Soft gig bag comfort
  • ✔ Tech options keep you productive
  • ✔ Tracking and security features for peace of mind
  • ✔ Pack your clothes for lighter travel
  • ✔ Easy and convenient wheels

Why did we design the Kapsule?

  • Soft gig bags, while comfortable, don’t offer enough protection to check in.
  • Hard cases are good for checking in, but they’re a pain to lug around, they’re heavy and definitely not designed to be worn comfortably, if at all.
  • Both typically have very limited storage, and you almost always have to bring a 2nd roller or duffle bag for your clothes and toiletries.

// Protect Your Axe

Trust your instrument to be well-protected in the Kapsule's tough polycarbonate shell. A thick layer of lightweight expanded polystyrene made of 98% air has excellent shock absorbency and insulation to keep your guitar or bass safe. The front of the Kapsule has a massive storage area of any gig bag for your tour-essential gear.

// Consolidate Your Luggage

You may also use that space to pack your clothes and leave your roller luggage at home. With 17+ liters of cargo space, there's enough room for a 2- to 3-day trip. Add our compression packing cubes and you can fit nearly double!

// What People Are Saying

Kapsule First Impressions
What is the Kapsule made out of?
It combines an industry-proven polycarbonate/ABS shell, lightweight EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam lining, and tough high-denier fabrics.

What sizes will the Kapsule come in?
We are offering the most common guitar and bass sizes (electric guitar, electric bass, and acoustic guitar) with our first stretch goal to open up production of our Kapsule Duo to carry two instruments! Here are the dimensions of each model:

Outer Dimensions:
Electric Guitar: 16.5"L x 46"H X 8.5"W
Electric Bass: 16.5"L x 49"H X 8.5"W
Acoustic Guitar: 19"L x 45"H X 10.5"W

Inner Dimensions:
Electric Guitar: 14.5"L x 43"H X 2"W
Electric Bass: 14.5"L x 47.5"H X 2"W
Acoustic Guitar: 17"L x 43"H X 5"W

What's the difference between this and a hard case?
We're taking the protective hard case shell and combining it with soft padding and materials to make it comfortable to wear, lightweight, and easy to travel with!

What's the difference between this and one of your soft gig bags?
The Kapsule will have the best protection level compared to any of our soft gig bags, which are meant for local gigs and light travel (ideally as a carry-on bag). We still incorporated gig bag features into the Kapsule to make it comfortable to wear on your body, or roll it behind you when you choose to use the included Snap-On Wheels.

When can I expect to have the Kapsule delivered?
We're aiming to deliver the first batch of production by September 2019, but we're also working hard to shoot for an earlier date. Shipments will be sent out from our Shanghai warehouse first, then from California, then finally from Germany.

The PLAY package amp is made by Phil Jones Bass, does it mean it's only for bass?
While Phil Jones Bass (PJB) focuses on products for bass players, our micro headphone amp based on their "Bighead" product is a high-fidelity amp that has tons of headroom and sonic range that works just as amazing with guitars. Phil Jones is an audiophile engineer who delivers a topnotch amplifier product suitable for all types of genres and instruments.

Isn't humidity control only for acoustic guitars?
Contrary to popular belief, all guitars made of wood should be humidified. According to an article by Sweetwater, the safest place to store your guitar to fight humidity changes is in the case. The Kapsule will have a special built-in area for the Boveda humidity packets, and your first two packets are free once you register. Articles on humidity control:

The Ideal Humidity for Guitar // Sweetwater
Fighting the Humidity Battle // Premier Guitar

What happens after the first year of having the Global Recovery Tag active? Can I renew?
Yes! We have made arrangements with HomingPIN to be able to renew your service after the initial free year, for less than $1 per month. You may also opt to purchase more HomingPIN tags and decals to protect your gear, laptop, phone and other valuables. More information on this will be available on our website.

How do I know when my Boveda humidity packs need to be replaced?
The Boveda packs will crystallize and harden as they get used (usually 3 months) and would need to be replaced. Your Kapsule will come with a Boveda starter pack included!

I have a 335-style semi-hollow body guitar. Is there a Kapsule for me?
The 335-style body has a slightly wider and deeper body that standard electric guitars, so it will not fit in a standard Kapsule. With enough demand from customers and distributors, we are definitely open to making a Kapsule for 335 guitars.

I have a "Flying V" guitar, does it fit in the Kapsule?
Due to its very unique shape, the flying V won't fit in the standard Kapsule for electric guitar. However, with enough demand from customers and distributors, we are open to making a Kapsule for flying V guitars.

Will you make a Kapsule for ukuleles, violins, cellos, and mandolins?
We'd love to! However we have to make sure that a good number of customers and distributors request them so we can justify the development and production costs for these sizes.

Where will the Kapsule be made?
While Gruv Gear products have been manufactured in several countries including USA, we found that the Kapsule is best produced in Asia where most luggage and travel goods are made. Our factories already have the experience, equipment, and expertise in producing quality products for major companies like Samsonite, American Tourister, Tumi and others.

How much does the Kapsule weigh?
We are working to keep the Kapsule as light as possible. Our current prototype is under 12 lbs and we hope to reduce this even more on the final production model.