LYNK Low-Profile Pedal Fasteners 20-Pack (Clear)

Lock down your pedals to the LYNK Pedalboard (or any pedalboard) quickly and securely with these low-profile fasteners. Conveniently pre-cut to 1x1" and 1x2" sizes so every fastener is a perfect match, forget about cutting manually with scissors that create crooked and uneven sizes. These special low-profile 3M Dual-Lock fasteners are only 0.10" (2.5mm) thin, less than half the thickness of other fasteners, so your pedals look as flush and neat as possible on your board. They're also much easier to pull off and adjust compared to the standard Dual-Lock fasteners.

20-pack includes five sets of 1x2" rectangular pieces and fifteen sets of 1x1" square pieces, good for 8-12 pedals. Comes clear for a subtle addition to most pedalboards.

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