Matt Heafy Signature FretWraps


The professional string dampener used by thousands of guitarists and bassists worldwide is now available in this official Matt Kiichi Heafy (MKH) Signature model! Enjoy the same simple and effective muting capabilities of FretWraps that Matt rocks live on stage and in the studio with his band Trivium. Check out the press release here and video demo below!

Matt Heafy Signature FretWraps come in 1-packs of the following sizes:

SM - Fits 6-string guitars or 4-string basses
MD - Fits 7-string guitars or 5-string basses
LG - Fits 8-string guitars or 6-string basses

Officially licensed by Matt Kiichi Heafy, guitarist and lead singer of metal band Trivium, and avid Twitch streamer. 

Global patents pending and trademarks registered.

A word from Matt...

“Before Gruv Gear FretWraps  in the studio I’d scramble to find a long sock, or panty hose, or multiple thick hair ties to cut that irritating high pitch subtle resonation that is inevitable ever-present in tightly cut-off guitar parts. During solos, we’d tie said sock even higher up on the fret board to get the solos to cut any incidental noise. 

When Corey Beaulieu first introduced me to the FretWrap, I couldn’t believe how it cut all the unwanted noise, tightened my playing up, and looked pretty damn sleek. 

I have been using the wraps live and in studio for years now, and when Gruv approached me on the possibility of signature wrap - I was honored. Jay and I honed in on a perfect modern and minimal design that kept the integrity of the FretWrap, and added in that slight Kiichi-flavor.

I love these wraps.”

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