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VELOC Drum Bag Highlights:

✔ Haul a full 5-piece kit in one trip including hardware... Wow!
✔ Every bag has a built-in Global Recovery Tag recognized in over 2800 airports, to get lost items back fast 
✔ Leave bags stacked on the cart for faster setup and breakdown with less effort 
✔ Patent-pending dual access lets you grab your drums from front or top
✔ Revolutionary freestanding cymbal bag design for easy setup
✔ Travel-ready protection, featuring a rugged ABS/Polycarbonate to protect your precious gear 
✔ 3 padded handles to carry comfortably, plus a shoulder strap option
✔ Smooth snap-on wheels included with the hardware and cymbal bags so you can roll heavy gear easily

VELOC Cart Highlights:

Universal magnetic cart carries the entire load for you
✔ Rugged yet lightweight aluminum/steel hardware you can rely on for every gig
✔ Fully supported 4-wheel tilt mode, you just push and steer 
✔ Adjustable ergonomic handle makes it a breeze to maneuver 
✔ Never-flat 8" wheels and 4" locking casters gets the job done
✔ Bottom frame folds down to save space in the vehicle
✔ Use two or more carts for larger kits, a drum tech's dream!

Note: Prototype photos and rendered images not final and subject to change. Patents pending.

More questions answered

What drum sizes are the bags made for?
VELOC bags will come in the following sizes: 8x10 Rack Tom, 10x12 Rack Tom, 6x14 Snare Bag, 14x16 Floor Tom, 18x22 Bass/Kick, 22" Cymbal Bag, 19x12 Double Pedal Bag, 19x36 Hardware Bag

Can I buy the bags separately?
Initially we will be offering 3 tom bags and 1 bass drum bag as a 4-piece set, and the rest can be bought individually. We plan to offer each bag separately in the future.

What are the retail prices for the tom bags and bass/kick bag?
8x10 Rack Tom - $74.99
10x12 Rack Tom - $89.99
14x16 Floor Tom - 149.99
18x22 Bass/Kick - $224.99

Are you planning to make other VELOC bag sizes?
We'd love to! However we have to make sure that a good number of customers and distributors request them so we can justify the development and production costs for additional sizes.

What's the difference between the VELOC bags and a hard case?
VELOC bags have a hard ABS/PC shell on the bottom so it slides easily onto the cart while giving it impact protection. The soft fabric and padding cushions the drums while making it possible fold them down when empty, which is not possible with hard cases.

Can the cart handle curbs and steps? What about stairs?
Yes! By using your foot to support the back frame, the cart can be tilted to clear curbs and steps. For stairs, you may want to reduce the load to something manageable before navigating any stairs. If it's just a few steps, get help from a buddy to lift from the other side!

How do I reset the TSA lock on the cymbal bag?
Watch the video on this page to learn how to set and reset the TSA lock on your Kapsule:

What happens after the first year of having the Global Recovery Tag active? Can I renew?
Yes! We have made arrangements with HomingPIN to be able to renew your service after the initial free year, for only $6 per year, less than the cost of two lattés! You may also opt to purchase more HomingPIN tags and decals to protect your gear, laptop, phone and other valuables. More information on this will be available on our website.

What is the warranty?
VELOC bags and cart carry a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase. See our warranty policy for details.
Where is the VELOC manufactured?
While Gruv Gear products have been manufactured in several countries including USA, we found that the Kapsule is best produced in Asia where most luggage and travel goods are made. Our factories already have the experience, equipment, and expertise in producing quality products for major companies like Samsonite, American Tourister, Tumi and others.

When would my VELOC ship if I preorder?
We are slated to finish production in May, so we anticipate shipping from our California warehouse by June, and from our Europe warehouse by July. Due to the global pandemic, we are monitoring any possible delays closely, but these are currently our best estimates.